Everything You'll Need From Amazon for the Best Dalgona Coffee


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Everything You'll Need From Amazon for the Best Dalgona Coffee

If you live on planet earth with an Internet connection, it would have been very hard to miss out on this 2020 instant coffee trend. This is everything you'll need to make it by yourself.

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What is Dalgona Coffee?

In short, Dalgona Coffee is a popular nickname for the now trendy whipped instant coffee drink. The name derives from the traditional South Korean street toffee-like candy, Dalgona. First social media posts portraying people making the mesmerizing instant coffee drink appeared in South Korea in early March during the COVID-19 quarantine. As described in the Los Angeles Times article from March 2020, “one of the ways Koreans are staying connected is by trying their hand at making dalgona iced coffee and posting about it online.”

Since then, Dalgona Coffee has taken social media by a storm with millions of recipe videos shared on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Following the viral trend, there were attempts whipping other ingredients such as matcha and even Strawberry Milk.  

How to make whipped instant coffee

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To make Dalgona Coffee, you'll need equal parts of instant coffee, granulated sugar and boiling water. For 2 servings, use 2 tbsp of each.

  • First combine the instant coffee and sugar in a bowl, then add the hot water. 
  • Using a hand mixer, by hand or with a stand mixer whip the ingredients for about three minutes, or until the foam is lightened in color and creamy. If mixed by hand, this will take longer time.
  • From there, spoon the creamy mixture atop two glasses filled with milk and ice. Add toppings such as, cookie crumbles, cinnamon powder, cacao powder or chocolate chips if desired.
  • Slightly mix the coffee and milk and enjoy!

What will you need from Amazon to make Dalgona Coffee:

Waka Instant Coffee Granules Medium Roast Single Serve Packets ($11.99)


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Waka Coffee is the most trendy instant coffee to try right now, just like the trendy whipped coffee itself. This Colombian single-serve box is a great option for those who want to try making Dalgona Coffee, but not sure they will drink instant coffee on a daily basis.

Waka Instant Coffee Granules Medium Roast 3.5 oz Bag ($25.99)

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Waka's Indian instant coffee bag checks all the boxes for people searching "the best instant coffee for Dalgona." Why? You'll get about 35 servings of a quality instant coffee that will definitely elevate your whipped coffee experience. It's also easy to use and store when not needed.


Wholesome Organic Dark Brown Sugar 1.5 Pound Bag ($29.94)

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Want to make your Dalgona Coffee a bit more natural? Use this organic brown sugar for your recipe. It's soft, moist and rich in natural molasses for amazing flavor. 


Poliviar Tea Kettle, 2.7 Quart Natural Stone Finish ($35.99)

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The whipped instant coffee recipe calls for 2 tbsp of hot water, so why not make it in a stylish stove top kettle? It's not only pretty but also practical. It's made of professional food grade 8/8 stainless steel and silicone coated handle.


KitchenAid Classic Utility Whisk ($9.99)

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Now, there are different methods in which you can make the instant coffee whip. One of them is using whisk! This is the most basic method, but also the most tiring one.

BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer ($14.38)

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Another method for making Dalgona Coffee is using a hand mixer. We love this one because it's light and includes dishwasher-safe parts, which is important as the sugar and coffee could make a mess when whipped.

Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer ($44.99)

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This one is a great whipping solution for the lazy ones amongst us making Dalgona Coffee. With this standing mixer you can leave it to mix without even holding the mixer. But, if you decide to hold the mixer yourself, the lightweight hand mixer easily detaches from the base.


ExcelSteel 297 3-Quart Stainless Steel Non Skid Base Mixing Bowl ($9.31)

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In case you don't already own a mixing bowl, this one is a great option for making Dalgona Coffee. This stainless steel bowl has a grip wide rim and a non-skid base. Perfect for using a hand mixer or whisk to whip your instant coffee and sugar nicely together.


JoyJolt Stella Lead Free Crystal Highball Glasses ($24.95)

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After you easily made your delicious Dalgona Coffee, you would want to pour it atop milk mixed with ice in a highball glass. These kitchen glasses are as much a pleasure to hold as they are to look at! Their cylindrical shape is easy to grasp, while their lightweight construction allows you to hold the glass cup for extended periods of time without ever making your hands or wrists feel tired. Perfect for a long whipped coffee enjoyment. 


Hummingbird Glass Straws Clear Bent ($19.99)

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Just like a coffee shop frappé, Dalgona Coffee is also suggested to drink with a straw. Instead of using disposable plastic straws that are not great for you or the environment 


Ghirardelli Chocolate & Caramel Sauces in Squeeze Bottles ($12.76)

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Be as creative as possible with your beautiful whipped coffee. Top it with some chocolate or caramel sauce for even more beautiful look and an additional sweet taste. Be careful not to over use it as the drink is already sugary.


Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies ($10.89)

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Cookie crumbles on top of your Dalgona Coffee drink is yet another extravagant addition to this trendy drink. Feel free to try it out by yourself. 

No matter how you make it, we're sure you will enjoy sipping this delightful whipped coffee creation. We hope this beautiful trend will become just another way for enjoy a cup of quality instant coffee.


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