Would You Try Kaffeost, the Swedish Cheese Coffee?


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Would You Try Kaffeost, the Swedish Cheese Coffee?

It’s hard not to love cheese, it goes with just about anything, even coffee. Will you be brave enough to combine the two?

Coffee breaks are the universal way of calming yourself down during stressful times, or catching up with friends. Some incorporate ice cream or heavy cream into their coffee, some have new alternatives for sugar, some have a basket of bread on the side, and others sip their coffee with cheese.

Yes, cheese. You may be wondering why a coffee brew would be paired with cheese in the first place, and you're not wrong. It is an odd combination to pair together. Generally, cheese and coffee are not two items that are often associated with each other; if anything it’s almost always cheese and wine.

In recent years, there have been more and more adaptations to the coffee world to make a new and exciting brew. Taking a page out of the Butter Coffee book, the latest trend to grace the world is coffee and cheese.

What is cheese coffee (Kaffeost)

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Brought over from the Scandinavian region, Sweden in specifically, comes Kaffeost, a combined drink and meal in just one cup. 

Kaffeost brings out the richest flavors of coffee and combines them with the creamy textures of cheese. Best served hot, Kaffeost incorporates cheese curds into the blend to bring a new flavor to the coffee world.

Kaffeost makes the coffee become smooth and rich, as it takes the flavors from the cheese that is below. This new trend not only brought out a new way of thinking about coffee in terms of food pairings, but also brought a delicious new coffee blend for coffee lovers to try worldwide. Trends come and go everyday, we can only hope that the cheese in coffee trend is here for the long run!

Why cheese in the coffee?

It seems quite peculiar for this combination to occur. Cheese is a food that is added to just about anything nowadays, from pasta dishes to eggs, or even cut up as a snack filled with protein. Now cheese has even made its way to the world of our precious coffee drinks, in an effort to bring more flavor to the already powerful coffee drink.

When it comes down to the cheese soaking up the hot coffee, it alters the taste of the coffee for the better. With the cheese down below, the coffee is given a smooth flavor as the cheese acts as a heavy cream would. At each sip, the coffee grasps a buttery flavor from the cheese giving off a certain nutty-like tastes.

As a trend that seems to stretch so far from the norm, you may be asking yourself how this drink is even made in the first place. Are you supposed to dip the cheese in the coffee like you would with a baked good, or is there some hidden secret to this new trend that makes Kaffeost well, Kaffeost?

How to make cheese coffee

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To make Kaffeost, the cheese is first coated on the bottom of the mug, forming a layer at the bottom of the mug. The how brewed coffee is then poured over the cheese to make sure that the taste of the cheese engulfs the coffee from down below.

When making Kaffeost it is often suggested that the cheese be microwaved before pouring the coffee on top. Microwaving the cheese prior to adding coffee over it will allow the cheese to become smoother, making the coffee taste all that much better. 

For an even greater taste with your Kaffeost, add milk or whipped cream to the brew as well. The combination of both the cheese and the milk will have you wrapping yourself in a creamy blanket as you drink your coffee. 

More coffee and cheese pairings

Looking at a different take on Kaffeost, cheese and coffee can be paired together in more ways than you think.

Aside from being placed inside the coffee, how else can cheese be incorporated into the coffee world? With so many different kinds of cheeses and coffees, it is hard to know which one pairs best with what.

Not every cheese will pair well with every coffee (and vice versa), for some coffees are too bitter or strong to be compared with certain poignant cheeses. 

1. Sharp Cheddar and Espresso

Since both Sharp Cheddar and Espresso are known for having a strong taste, they actually pair well with each other. The blend of both strong flavors bounce off each other to give a taste that is less strong.

2. Aged Gouda and Strong Coffee Brew

Compared to Sharp Cheddar, Aged Gouda does not have such a strong taste. By pairing the Gouda with a strong brew, the strength of the coffee will be softened. The Gouda will serve to offer a sweeter and lighter taste to the very strong coffee brew that it is next to.

3. Brie or Mozzarella and a Medium Roast brew 

Since Brie and Mozzarella both have a creamy consistency it is hard to find a brew that would not mask its flavor completely and fall apart. In terms of coffee, these two cheeses are best paired with a medium roast coffee brew, so the flavor will still remain in tact. 

Watch this YouTube video for a cheese coffee recipe 


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