7 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Coffee While Camping

Whether you are going solo camping across the country, or glamping in a fancy Teepe Tent with your crew. Take quality instant coffee to a whole new level while camping with easy these tips.

The simplest way of having your caffeine kick while camping is quality instant coffee! Just because you’re out exploring nature, doesn’t mean you have to compromise your coffee needs. 

If you want some excitement to your usual camping routine, spice up your way of preparing coffee with these eight tricks.

1. Brew your instant coffee with milk

best ways for making instant coffee while camping

Pack your favorite creamer or milk to enhance your instant coffee. If you like your coffee creamy, you can just use hot milk instead of water, thus saving your water supply while you’re camping.

Simply heat the milk in a pot over the fire. Once it is hot enough pour it over the instant coffee in your mug. Wait for it to cool down and enjoy.

Any kind of milk or creamers will bring out the aroma of the coffee, which is a really easy way to spice things up while you’re camping. You can to brew your instant coffee only with milk, or with hot water and milk.

2. Add chocolate in your instant coffee

should you add chocolate in your coffee

Hot chocolate, s’mores, and campfire -- some camping essentials. Add chocolate to your instant coffee for a great outdoors experience.  It’ll add such a subtle sweetness along with a silky consistency.

Before adding water to your instant coffee, add in a piece of chocolate or cocoa powder. There you go! You've got yourself a super simple cup of mocha coffee while camping.

3. Add butter in your instant coffee

best keto instant coffee

A knob of butter to your instant coffee will have similar effects as chocolate! However, butter may be more accessible to you when you’re camping, especially if you do not have a sweet tooth.

Butter will give it a rich and silky consistency all while cutting the bitterness that may come from some instant coffees. This unusual combo can surprise you with the new flavor of coffee, but it’s a well worth experience.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can turn it into bulletproof coffee with high quality butter and coconut oil. It’ll increase your endurance and keep you energized for your fun-filled day in nature.

4. Make your instant coffee foamy

tips for making instant coffee outdoors

Enjoy a nice foamy and frothy coffee while you’re camping without all the gear and hassle. You can create the foam combining your instant coffee and milk into a jar or cup with a sealed lid, and shake it for a few minutes (make sure you do it carefully).

This creamy texture will enhance your coffee and also give you a nice treat while camping. You can enjoy a cappuccino like beverage all while camping. You didn’t have to leave the camping grounds, wait in line or pay an insane amount of money!

5. Mix it with cold water

What is the best quality instant coffee

Save the hassle of starting up a fire or bringing out the induction stove to boil up water. Using cold water to dissolve the instant coffee will give you a stronger flavor, as long as you use a ratio of 1:1. It will also require you mixing it for a few minutes to ensure that everything is well blended.

Once you see that you already have a very thick, concentrated coffee you can then begin adding milk to your cup, or adding more water and ice cubes. Try this trick when you’re camping and you’re ensured of a new mind blowing experience when it comes to drinking your daily cup of coffee.

6. Experience with spices and sweeteners

the best tips for making camping coffee

If you’re typically the camper that enjoys the cooking portion of your adventures, you can try preparing various spices and blends to add flavors to your instant coffee.

Be resourceful with what you decide to bring with you on your camping trip and make sure your ingredients can be multi-useful. One example is maple syrup or cinnamon powder. This can be used in your cooking and in your brew as a special treat.

It will give it that subtle sweetness and richness that a typical cup of instant coffee may not offer. This will definitely escalate your cup of coffee while camping.

7. Pour your instant coffee in the perfect mug

how to make coffee while camping without fire

The easiest way to upgrade your instant coffee while camping is bringing the perfect cup with you. That can be a mug from home, or a nice thermos that will keep the temperature of your beverage consistent. It’s essential that you find the right cup, literally.

This will turn your camping adventures to a new level as it provides comfort and reliance. The perfect cup for your coffee should be able to withstand heat and keep the hot temperature longer than others, especially since it may be cold out while you camp.

Of course, it should be the right thickness to your preference so you can grip your cup and take a sip in the most satisfying way no matter where you are! 

Implement these tricks into your next camping trip to escalate your instant coffee.

Happy camping!


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