The Tricks You Need to Know for Making the Best Instant Coffee


The Tricks You Need to Know for Making the Best Instant Coffee
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The Tricks You Need to Know for Making the Best Instant Coffee

There are many tips and tricks to make your instant coffee taste even more to your liking. We gathered a few of the tricks we have heard of for your consideration. 

Instant coffee is perfect for days when you do not have enough time to make your favorite cup of joe, don’t want to spend too much money at a coffee shop, or need your coffee on the go! Tuck an instant coffee packet in your purse, laptop bag, backpack or pocket to be enjoyed no matter where your day takes you! When you make it, keep these suggestions in mind, and remember - instant is back. 

Mix in cold water

Mix cold water in your instant coffee

Some coffee experts claim that mixing instant coffee in cold water first will help you obtain a more flavorful and full cup of coffee. We usually recommend stirring our coffee in hot water first, but we always learn new ticks too! Mix a teaspoon of cold water with a teaspoon of the instant coffee in your mug. Keep mixing until all of the instant coffee is dissolved. Then pour the mix over hot water and stir more. 

Use Filtered Water

Filtered water for the best coffee

Filtered water and tap water taste very different, which also affect the taste of your coffee. Tap water can sometime taste metallic or acidic and destroy the fresh aroma of your quality instant coffee. Do not microwave tap water; use heated filtered water for the best taste. Especially if you live in one of the 25 US cities with the worst drinking water, such as Corona CA, Arlington TX, or Rockford IL. 

Boil Water to Perfection

Boil water to perfection for the best instant coffee

Aside of the type of water you use, its temperature will also have an affect of the taste of your instant coffee. Coffee is best when the water is between 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. As closed to 205 the better. Add 8-10 FL oz of water per one instant coffee packet and wait for it to cool down a bit until you can drink it.

Drink Quality Instant Coffee

Drink quality instant coffee

Experts say that instant coffee is best when made from quality beans and freeze dried. Waka Coffee uses only 100% freeze dried Arabica beans for our Colombian coffee, so you know that you get the best tasting instant coffee.

Spice Up Your Cup of Joe

Best cup of joe - instant coffee

After making your quality instant coffee, you can add in a spoonful of whipped cream, a bit of butter, or a dash of cinnamon to spice up your morning cup of joe. These three items are delicious in any cup of coffee.

Make it Iced

Iced instant coffee

Make the best iced coffee with instant coffee by following the steps above, but only adding half of the amount of water you would add with your hot cup of quality instant coffee. Then, simply add a few ice cubes. This makes iced coffee so much tastier because it will not taste watered down and you will not have to wait for it to cool down in the refrigerator.

Make it Chocolaty

Add chocolate to your instant coffee

For the best mix between hot chocolate and coffee, add a spoonful of cocoa powder into your next cup of quality instant coffee and you will have a nice treat! This is perfect for the cold weather and also when you need an extra caffeine boost. You can use either unsweetened or sweetened cocoa powder. If you prefer having your coffee with pieces of chocolate, check out our "Crazy Tropical Vegan Ice Coffee Shake" that has dark chocolate in it.

Try Honey

Add honey for the best tasting instant coffee

If you like your coffee on the sweeter side, mix in the sugar alongside the teaspoon of cold water so that it dissolves before you pour hot water in. You can also try to substitute honey with sugar. This will make your coffee taste smoother and richer. If you decide to add honey, pour it on top of the warm or cold instant coffee.

Know the Milk to Water Ratio

Do you like your instant coffee with milk?

If you add milk, be sure to lessen the amount of water you add. For example, most instant coffees ask for 8 to 10 ounces of water. If you were to add milk, add two ounces of milk and 6 ounces of water instead. This way your coffee will not taste watered down or too bland.

Feel the Buzz

Alcohol with instant coffee

Add liquor. If you are at home and in the right mood, add a bit of alcohol into your instant cup of joe. A shot of Baileys or whiskey can add some interesting flavors to your instant coffee and give you the perfect caffeinated buzz.

No matter how you have your instant coffee, drink only the best instant coffee. Try it here.


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