10 Best Coffee Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020


10 best coffee Instagram accounts
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10 Best Coffee Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Who doesn’t love spending hours on Instagram landing on random accounts and pictures??

Well we do! For other IG coffee lovers like us, we created the ultimate list of Instagram accounts you should follow if you are as obsessed with coffee as we are.

Some accounts feature pictures of delicious lattes combined with food, others have amazing latte art alongside nature. We were extremely amazed by all the beautiful pictures of coffee while coming up with this list and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. FYI, we are also super proud of our account @wakacoffee, but because we have to maintain our high integrity it is not on this list… Check it out for some instant coffee inspo :)

Each account name is linking to the respective account on Instagram, and we also shared additional links to support the accounts owners for your consideration.

1. @Coffeecupsoftheworld

This account curated by the New Zealand native photographer Henry Hargreaves and features different coffee cup brandings from around the globe. The different cups have interesting coffee mottos, logos, and even quotes on them. Regardless, it is always fun to see how people in other countries love their cup of joe. Read more about Henry on his official website here.

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2. @lovecoffee_club

This account has photos, videos, memes, and quotes all about coffee! If you are looking for a good laugh, pictures of mouth watering food and coffee, this account is the right account for you to follow. We were surprised to learn that a T shirt company is actually in charge of this coffee account. But hey, we love to be dressed well when we sip the best instant coffee! Check them out here.

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3. @acmeandco

Acme & Co. is yet another New Zealand appearance on our list (coffee nation someone??). The company, founded by Jeff Kennedy, is selling beautiful speciality coffee mugs for coffee shop around the world. Their account has photos of cafes from all over the world; you can follow their account for design inspiration and planning your next international coffee shop visit. Their pictures are very chic and modern - enjoyment is guaranteed. Visit their store here

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4. @coffeesesh

This account features beautiful latte art inspirations from different places and they also incorporate quotes to go with their pictures. Some of the latte art featured on their page is so pretty that you would not even want to drink it but just stare! Their page is still under construction, but it says they will feature “Freebies, useful tips, tutorials and a handful of other fun stuff.” Visit them here

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5. @thecoffeenomad

Erica Brianna is a professional coffee traveler. The pictures are taken by her on her journeys around the world while she is also documenting the stories in her blog - “The Coffee Nomad.” If you enjoy small coffee shops while traveling, you can look at her account for some ideas. She writes in her blog: “This blog is where my love for coffee and telling stories collide.” Take a look at her journey through this beautiful IG account. Read the blog here

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6. @bernulia

Giulia Bernardelli’s account is where coffee and art get together. She is an Italian Etsy artist taking beautiful photos created from coffee that cannot be expressed with words. She does some amazing things with coffee that we did not even think were possible. Like painting with coffee spills! Visit her store here

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7. @coffeenclothes

This is the perfect account to follow if you are into fashion and coffee. You can get your daily inspiration for your outfit of the day, or your latte of the day with this account. It is a very chic and in style account featuring fashion enthusiasts with their cup of coffee. Will you try to match your cup of joe to your outfit? Read more about the company here

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8. @coffee

The Infatuation is “On a mission to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world.” They own a variety of food accounts, and this one is one of them. When scrolling this coffee account you will be drooling over all the delicious pictures featured of this page both of coffee and of food. Check out their website here

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9. @coffeeteatrip

This account has tea and coffee inspirations as well as outdoor activities. The owners are a group of friends based out of Poland. They are full of outdoor adventures and coffee of course! You can check out their coffee for camping solutions -- instant coffee is obviously one of them! Their website is currently off so it wasn’t included at this time.

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10. @des_coffee

Des is a barista that works out of his home in Brunei, Darussalam. His Instagram has pictures of all things coffee including beautiful cafes, delicious coffee, and nice coffee cups. We have his account in our “good mix of different coffee photos” category.

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And it's a wrap! We hope you can now spend your time on Instagram more wisely with all of these amazing coffee accounts. If you want to be included in our future blogs, don't be shy - email us at hello@wakacoffee.com with information about you, your account, your coffee recipe, or just say hi! Make sure to follow us on IG/FB/Twitter/Pinterest via @wakacoffee. Don't forget #instantisback. Cheers!

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