How to Adjust Yourself for Working From Home


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How to Adjust Yourself for Working From Home

With the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, more employees are required to work remotely. Check out the 8 ways to prepare yourself for effectively working from home.

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According to Fortunly, even before the Coronavirus outbreak 4.3 million Americans were already working from home at least half the time, which is almost 3.8% of the entire US workforce.

Now that more people are required to work from home, some might be looking for new ways to stay effective and motivated while working remotely. Here are our 8 recommendations: 

1. Stick to your schedule

Keep waking up at the same time you were doing before. Yes, even if you had to wake up 2 hours in advance to account for traffic. Make sure to continue doing so as your body is already used to your regular schedule. Drastically changing your schedule can cause tiredness and fatigues, which will decrease your effectiveness.

In addition, make sure to track your work hours. Working remotely can easily lead to overwork and shorter or later lunch breaks. Set up your morning clock and end of the day clock, as well as reminding yourself to take breaks.

Don't have an alarm? Here is a good option:

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2. Play your office's playlist

Do you have a favorite radio channel? Obsessed with this new podcast? Or just love listening to Top Country? Whatever is your office jam, make sure to play it at home as well for extra motivation boost. 

Have other people at home? Use noise cancellation headphones and keep listening to your tunes.

Play your music on this speaker: 

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Or, stay focused with these headphones:

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3. Be ready for video calls

There is nothing like face-fo-face interaction, so video calls can definitely bridge that gap while working remotely. Zoom, Hangouts or Skype will become your new way of communicating with colleagues and superiors. Make sure you find the best location at home to take your video call. Hide dirty laundry, avoid sitting next to embarrassing photos or crumbling walls and... Smile!

Don't think you have a good enough background for your video call? Get one!

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4. Have basic office supplies

When you are in the office you can access the office supply closet and get as many pens and notebooks to stash in your drawer (as long as no one can see you taking all of it, of course). But, when you are home you are on your own. While most of your assignments can be done online, sometimes you would like to take handwritten notes, or just scribble when your boss keeps talking on the conference call. 

If your job requires printing, faxing, or mailing documents consider buying a small home printer to save on prints at stores like FedEx, Staples or UPS. 

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5. Prepare your coffee stand

Whether your office coffee is good or bad, it's there when you need a caffeine kick, and you always need a caffeine kick during a long day in the office. But what do you do when you need to work remotely? Buy and make your own coffee at home! Take advantage of the circumstance and make it fun! Make iced coffee, honey coffee, or peanut chocolate frappe.

Don't have a coffee maker or want to save time making coffee throughout your busy day? Try quality instant coffee.

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6. Make your home office comfortable 

Left your standing desk in the office? Don't have that back pillow you love so much? Make sure you continue feeling comfortable in your own home office as well. 

Choose a room or quiet corner next to an outlet and place your supplies, coffee mug and computer on a desk. Bring by a comfortable chair and make sure you can spend hours in that area. By doing so you will create a designated working environment, which will help you work more productively without interruptions. It's easy to work from different corners of the house, but this will create inconsistency and longer adjustment times. 

Need a small desk for working from home? Choose this very affordable option:

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7. Stay at least somewhat dressed

It's going to be very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day... Even if you don't have video calls that day, we would recommend getting dressed somewhat business casual. Your morning routine of getting dressed to work signals your brain that it's time to start the day. Skipping that important part will make it harder to get into an appropriate working mode.

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8. Snack healthy

You are home all the time now, and the kitchen is right there next to you. Could be dangerous for some, or all of us. Make sure you stock on healthy snacks to bite on between calls, after meals, or if you in need for more energy. 

Here is an example of a snack you can order right now:

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Switching to working remotely can be confusing, but if possible it is the best option right now. Join the conversation online using hashtags #WorkFromHome or #WorkRemotely and share your experience. 


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