The 8 Best Coffee Snacks to Buy on Amazon


what is the best coffee snack to buy on amazon
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The 8 Best Coffee Snacks to Buy on Amazon

With our fast-paced lifestyle, caffeine has become a must throughout the day. But how else can you get your caffeine fix besides drinking your favorite cup of joe?

Chew it, eat it, drink it -- you name it. Coffee is the best component to any snack. It is great for your in-between meals caffeine kick, when studying or before getting into an important meeting. You can always sip your coffee next to a great sandwich for breakfast or lunch, and then try one of the snacks on our list as a dessert. Love your snack with a coffee on the side? Try our easy to make quality instant coffee.

Chocolate covered Espresso Beans

Is there a better combination than chocolate and coffee? No wonder the reviews of this delicious Hoosier Hill Farm Dark Chocolate covered Espresso beans say you must try it! It is made from real espresso beans carefully enrobed in rich pure dark chocolate. One reviewer wrote: "if you need a boost, this is the ticket. Just don't get carried away. It'd be pretty easy to eat yourself into an infarction." Other reviewers call it "perfect" or that "no better chocolate covered espresso exists!"

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Coffee Chewy Banana Bites

Another yummy combination is coffee and... bananas! These small banana bites described as moist and delicious inside. Coasted in sweet, creamy coffee coating. Barnana's delicious bites are made from bananas that were saved from going to waste. They are dehydrated and then coated with premium ingredients, such as coffee, to make delicious snacks. The bites are made from organic bananas and Fair-Trade organic Colombian roasted Arabica coffee beans​. It is Non-GMO Project Verified, Natural Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher.

What snacks go with coffee?

Soft Coffee Caramels

Tom & Jenny's stylish soft and sugar free coffee caramels is a great guilt-free coffee snacking option. It is sweetened with natural plant-derived maltitol and non-gmo xylitol. It is also natural as no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors are used in the manufacturing process. With only 100 calories per serving, no wonder it is also keto friendly, gluten free, and even described by the brand as "dentist approved" with sweeteners that actually reduce acidity and your risk of cavities and tooth decay. Eating caramel and reducing visits to the dentist? We are snacking on that for sure! One Keto diet fan commented "WOW - soo soo good! Who would have thought you could have such good tasting caramel on a keto diet. They are soft. They are tasty. You can't tell they are sugar free."

What food goes well with coffee?


Coffee Maple Cacao Bars

Ok, so we highlighted some sweet coffee snacking options. What if you could eat coffee in the form of a superfood energy bar? Well, LivBar's Coffee Maple Cacao bar is the the perfect balance between whole proteins, complex carbs, and delicious coffee flavor. All of the brand's raw ingredients are sourced domestically in the United States and manufactured in Salem, Oregon with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Organic ingredients. These are certified organic bars and also free of gluten, soy, corn, GMOs and preservatives. Perfect coffee afternoon snack perhaps?

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Macadamia Nuts Kona Coffee Glazed 

These Hawaiian hand selected macadamia nuts glazed with Kona Coffee are definitely another great sweet snacking option for you. If you didn't know, Kona coffee is cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of Hawaii. Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world and like champagne, only coffee from the Kona Districts can be described as "Kona." It comes in a large 11 oz resealable bag, which can be great for parties, gatherings or enjoying a bag by yourself! "Delicious," "Good quality," and "An addiction" are only few of the raving review this coffee snack has received on Amazon.

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Cakebites Coffee Cinna-Crumb

There is nothing like a fresh coffee cake, especially a one made of instant coffee! But what if you didn't just bake your yummy cake or in a rush? Grab these perfectly sized Cinna-Crumb Streusel Cakebites. They are made from a light buttery cinnamon cake topped with deliciously sweet streusel and smooth cinnamon jelly between the thin layers of cake. Take this portioned classic on-the-go coffee cake with your breakfast or enjoy it as an afternoon snack. One reviewer on Amazon said "I love coffee cake for breakfast, and these not only are very tasty, I like the idea that they're pre-portioned with three little cakes per serving (260 calories) - that keeps me from overdoing it with a too-large piece from a regular cake."

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Whole Food Coffee Chocolate Flavor Protein

We have another "functional" coffee bar for your morning or afternoon snacking. If you already snack your coffee, why won't you combine it with your daily protein intake? RX protein bars are delicious, made of 100% real food and never contain unnatural processed ingredients. Each bar has12 grams of protein from only 6 to 8 simple ingredients and they are all 100% natural. Bear in mind these contain egg whites, so make sure your are ok with that. According to the brand, egg whites are cholesterol-free and their protein is easily absorbed by the body. Would you give it a try?

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Dark Chocolate & Coffee – Paleo Nut Butter Blend

Ok, imagine this -- you are on a hike, eating your fresh fruit and thinking "I wish I had a cup of coffee with me." Well, first of well you should always have some water and a packet of Waka Coffee with you, but you also need this coffee nut butter to spread on your fruit! Genius. This butter is made from dry-roasted almonds mixed with the rich flavors of dark chocolate and finely ground coffee beans. These rich flavors collide to create a bold, lightly caffeinated nut butter. If you are looking for a filling, delicious nut butter that gives a quick "pick me up" when needed, try out this Dark Chocolate & Coffee blend butter.

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Waka Coffee - Quality Instant Coffee

If you are wondering what coffee to pair with all of these delicious coffee snacks, think no further. Our quality instant coffee is delicious and so fast to make. Great for busy mornings, camping, traveling, and much more! You can buy it on our website or on Amazon via the link below. Enjoy!

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No matter what snack you choose, there is only one top rated instant coffee. Buy it here.


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