Scrap the Appliances—Go Instant!


why to choose instant coffee over coffeemaker
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Scrap the Appliances—Go Instant!

In today’s fast paced world, quality coffee and tea are absolutely essential to make it through the day. How easily do you get your caffeine fix? 


Buying caffeinated beverages is relatively easy, but the biggest roadblock between you and your morning dose of coffee is time and money. When classes start in 30 minutes, or it is time to hop in the car and head off to work, we seldom have time to stop at our local coffee shop, wait in line, and pay for that not-so-cheap cup of joe. Searching for a solution to this problem, some of us have resorted to the use of home brewing brewing appliances.

Much like waiting at a coffee shop, brewing coffee at home takes up extra time, not to mention that most coffee machines for the home or apartment are very expensive and take up a lot of space. While some might think that brewing at home saves time, the beans still need to be bought, ground, and steeped before that first sip in the morning. With both coffee shops and home brewing machines being too expensive and time consuming, what’s left for us caffeine friends to drink?

The most time, cost, and space effective way to consume your cup of joe is through instant coffee. The most delicious and quality instant coffee, Waka Coffee, is strong enough to kick your machines out of the kitchen and make a new home in the cupboard. Not convinced to make the switch? Let us list some reasons why scrapping the coffee machine in exchange for Waka Coffee premium freeze-dried coffee will be the best decision you make.

More appliances = more clutter

more room when you use instant coffee

If you are anything like us, there is no shortage of appliances on your kitchen counter. There is the toaster, microwave, panini press, stand mixer, blender, slow cooker, and finally the most space consuming—the coffeemaker. Getting rid of the largest of the counter appliances would free up that much needed space in the kitchen so you can finally get to cooking like a pro.

Coffeemakers need constant electricity

save electricity when you use quality instant coffee

Being eco-friendly and energy conscious is becoming increasingly important in today’s culture. Getting rid of energy wasting appliances will bring down your electricity bill and your carbon footprint—double win!

Better tasting coffee

the best tasting instant coffee

We are sure some of you might be wondering why it is truly worth it to get rid of your coffeemaker, and the answer is simple; you do not need a coffee appliance to make amazing coffee (pause for shock). Yep, it’s true, you can make the tastiest premium coffee just by adding water! Wake Coffee's freeze dried instant coffee tastes even better than the stuff you are brewing now.

More time friendly and efficient

instant coffee can save you time making coffee

Using a coffee maker usually takes 10-20 minutes to brew a cup and then more time to clean it. Using instant coffee to make iced coffee takes about 30 seconds! 10 seconds to pour water in a cup, 20 seconds to dissolve the freeze-dried powder. Just think of all the extra time you might have in the mornings to relax, read a book, or catch some extra minutes of well-deserved sleep!

Iced coffee in seconds

make iced coffee using instant coffee

Summer is soon approaching, and this means that the burning desire for iced coffee is near. Adding ice to hot coffee dilutes the drink especially with the amount of ice needed to bring piping hot coffee down to the desired temperature. Some people take the route of putting extra coffee in the refrigerator overnight, but that takes a lot of time that us busy bees just do not have. Instant coffee can be immediately dissolved in any water, eliminating the need for ice at all! Hurray for strong iced coffee in seconds!

Coffeemakers are expensive

save money when you buy instant coffee

Let’s go through each of the different appliances and their respective prices, shall we? Filter machines range from $50-$700, plus the price for the coffee grounds and filters. Espresso machines/pump machines range from $60-$7,000 depending on how fancy and high tech the appliance… $7,000 for some espresso? No, thank you! Pod or Capsule coffee machines (commonly used in college dorm rooms) start begin at $50 and go all the way up to $500, not including the cost of the coffee pods. The pods are also so wasteful-- all that plastic and aluminum ended up in the garbage at the end of the week. Solution; INSTANT COFFEE! All you need to make wonderful instant coffee is a mug (which hopefully we all have already), water, and instant coffee powder!

You can't take your coffeemaker on-the-go, can you?

best instant coffee for traveling

If you know you have a busy day ahead with work, workouts, or driving, you can realistically pack 3-4 cups of coffee in your back pocket! Pack a jug of water for the day in your car, a water bottle, and instant coffee packets and, like magic, you have a steady stream of coffee wherever you are and whenever you need it. This comes especially in handy if you lead an active lifestyle and find yourself climbing mountains or by the ocean. In places where you have no electricity but need caffeine, instant coffee is the perfect solution to that problem. Making coffee while camping or climbing has never been so easy!

Taste is never compromised

instant coffee is made from pure coffee

Many people have negative preconceptions of instant coffee and it’s taste. Most brands make instant coffee powder by spraying brewed coffee through very hot and dry air which burns the coffee and leads to a bitter flavor. While some instant coffee companies compromise taste when making their products, Waka Coffee is made by freeze drying Arabica bean coffee (commonly used in coffee shops) to maintain amazing depth of flavor and aroma. Quality beans are used to ensure that each cup of coffee made is not only better than other instant coffees, but comparable to (and even better than) machine brewed coffee.

With all this being said, it is clear that going instant and getting rid of clunky, inconvenient, and energy-wasting coffeemakers is essential. If you are still skeptical, just give Waka Coffee a try. It is more cost-effective, less labor intensive, time efficient, and tastier than you could ever imagine. What’s not to love?


Scrap the coffeemaker and try instant coffee. Get it here.

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