Why You Should Be Using Instant Coffee to Make Your Iced Coffee


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Why You Should Be Using Instant Coffee to Make Your Iced Coffee

When you’re looking for your caffeine fix, you want it quick. Unfortunately, cold brew and iced coffee takes quite a bit of time - but it doesn’t have to.

If you’re tired of waiting for your hot coffee to cool so that you can ice it properly, you should know that there’s another way. Quick iced coffee can be had, as long as you have the best instant coffee available. Find out more in this article!

Traditional Iced Coffee Takes Forever, but Why?


When you’re making iced coffee, most recipes are going to tell you that making iced coffee the right way is going to take hours. This is because brewing ground coffee is the most inefficient way of making iced coffee, hands down. Don’t believe us? Think about it.

When you make a batch of hot coffee, you can’t make iced coffee right off the bat. If you try to pour hot coffee over ice, you’re going to end up with watered down coffee. The steaming java is going to melt your ice cubes immediately, which is completely counterproductive. We like our coffee hot or cold, but lukewarm just isn’t okay.

So, you have to wait a long while to let that coffee cool down to at least room temperature. Still, this isn’t the best way to do things, either. Room temperature coffee is still going to melt your cubes, making it more watery than desired. As such, you have to chill your coffee, which can take hours.

Don’t Worry, There’s a Better Way


If you’re sick and tired of waiting to make iced coffee at home, there’s a better way. You should be using instant coffee! But not any instant coffee. You should be using the best instant coffee available. The instant coffee products of the past aren’t the standard anymore.

Finding the Best Instant Coffee for Your At-Home Iced Coffee Kick


Iced coffee is an honest drink. When you drink iced coffee, and especially when you drink it black, you can taste everything. Hot coffee is still full of flavor, of course, but iced coffee brings many of the underlying flavors to the forefront. As such, when you’re using instant coffee for your iced coffee, it needs to be the best quality possible.

When you buy instant coffee from Waka Coffee, you’re getting nothing but the best for your iced coffee drinks. Waka Coffee is:

  • 100% Arabica: Instant coffee of the past used Robusta beans, making instant coffee far more bitter than it needed to be.
  • Single Origin: Knowing where your coffee is coming from is important. It lets you get a sneak peek of what your coffee is going to taste like before it even hits your lips. All of our coffees are single origin.
  • Advanced Tech: Our instant coffees are made using advanced freeze drying technology, meaning that you only get the flavor of coffee, and nothing else.
  • Why Should I Be Using Instant Coffee Instead?


    If instant coffee is the best way to make iced coffee, there have to be some reasons behind that claim, right? Yep, you’re totally correct! There are a number of reasons that you should be using the best instant coffee for your iced coffee at home, and they’re listed below.

    Time is Everything


    As we so plainly put above, traditional ground coffee isn’t the fastest way to make your iced coffee. It takes hours to get a single cup of iced coffee from drip coffee because you have to wait for it to cool. If you’re short on time, you can’t wait for that to happen. Iced coffee isn’t something you want all of the time, so keeping cold coffee in the fridge isn’t something that most people do.

    Instant coffee can be mixed with cold water or milk, allowing you to make a cold coffee drink in seconds. Then, pour that drink over ice. That’s it! You made iced coffee in just a few minutes. Cracking ice cubes out of the ice tray probably took longer than making your instant coffee!



    When you make iced coffee using instant coffee, portioning is much easier than it is with drip coffee. It seems hardly worth it to make a full pot of coffee if you only want one cup of iced coffee. Making a single cup of coffee in the coffee pot is also less appealing than making a single serving of instant coffee. Instant coffee really is the best way to make iced coffee.

    Will Instant Coffee Dissolve in Cold Water or Milk?


    This is something that plenty of people tend to ask. When you try to dissolve sugar in a glass of cold water, it takes a while, right? Well, instant coffee isn’t nearly as stubborn. Instant coffee can easily be dissolved in cold water or milk, contrary to popular belief.

    Now, it’s important to mention that the process will be slower than dissolving instant coffee in hot water. However, the additional time is negligible. Dissolving instant coffee in hot water takes less than 10 seconds, while dissolving it in cold water takes less than a minute. Either way, you’ll get iced coffee faster than you would using traditional coffee, or even going out for coffee!

    Make Your Iced Coffee the Right Way - With Instant Coffee


    If you’re an iced coffee aficionado, you should be using instant coffee to make your coffee beverage of choice. When it comes down to it, using instant coffee for iced coffee is the faster route, as well as the more convenient method. You don’t have to worry about cooling it, or making too much coffee from the get go. There’s no reason you can’t have excellent iced coffee at home in just a few minutes.

    If you’re ready to start making the best instant coffee for your iced coffee, be sure to check out our instant coffee products! We here at Waka Coffee strive to bring you the best instant coffee possible. Check out our range of coffees and try them for yourself!

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