Single Origin Coffee vs. Bean Blend Coffee


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Single Origin Coffee vs. Bean Blend Coffee

You have seen it on coffee packaging, heard it at the coffee shop, but do you really know the important differences between single origin and blend coffees?

Single-origin coffee is coffee bean that originated from one single region, crop, producer, or country. Single-origin coffee can typically be traced back to one specific area or region where the crop grows, therefore the taste and flavor is distinct to that specific place.

Coffee blends are the complete opposite of single-origin coffee. A coffee blend is a blend of different single-origin coffee beans. The intention behind blending and mixing different coffee beans together is to gather and incorporate the best flavors of different coffees. This sometimes is done to create a specific flavor type and or to save on costs. Blending the different types together helps to balance the different flavors of the coffees.

What are the main differences?

What does single origin coffee mean?

1. Different flavors

Single-origin coffee has a unique, unmatched flavor because it comes from one specific place and producer. Coffee blends, on the other hand, combine a variety of different coffee beans to create a well-balanced flavor profile. It is widely known that single-origin coffee tends to have a more exotic and bold flavor compared to a coffee blend.

2. Purity and quality

Coffee beans that are combined together into one blend typically tend to lose its individual flavor profile and therefore, the flavor isn’t as pure. Single-origin coffee is extremely pure as it comes from one location and isn’t combined with any other type of coffee bean. Single-origin coffee is highly sought after for its ability to be brewed into a robust, clean cup of coffee!

3. Sourced location

As mentioned above, single-origin coffee is acquired from one producer, crop, or region in a country whereas coffee blends come from a variety of locations and crops that are combined together.

4. Seasonal Availability

Did you ever know all different types of coffee have a preferred season for growth and production? The season matters and does have an effect on the flavor profile of the coffee! Coffee blends are commonly able to be acquired all year-round whereas single-origin coffees can be found seasonally according to where the coffee beans are grown and sourced from.

5. Price

It is no shock that single-origin coffee is a tad bit more expensive than coffee blend would be because of the way it is produced and carefully handled. Also, single-origin coffee has a more specific, specialized flavor profile that is highly desired by many around the world. Therefore, due to it being sourced from one location, its flavor, and how it is handled, people are willing to pay more money for it.

Pros of single-origin coffee

single origin coffee vs blend

1. Traceable

Due to single-origin coffee coming from a single location somewhere around the world, the unaltered flavor of the coffee can trace back to its own history. For example, if you receive an Ethiopian single-origin coffee, you can trace back to where the coffee was originally sourced and learn how it was produced.

2. Unique flavor

For every region, crop, or producer, the flavors all differ according to how it is produced and where single-origin coffee is sourced from. Ethiopia, Peru, Vietnam, Kenya, and so many more beautiful, exotic regions all add a unique, special flavor to their coffee beans that can’t be matched anywhere else! 

Pros of coffee blend

1. Variety of flavors that complement each other 

If you’re the type of person who loves to explore and experiment a plethora of coffee flavors, drinking a coffee blend may be perfect for you. It is essentially a bunch of different coffee beans combined together to form a lovely, well-balanced flavor. Not only is it delicious, but you get to experience small hints of many different regions all around the world.

2. Easier accessibility 

Coffee blends are more reliable when it comes to being sold all year round. If you go into the store or search for some coffee online, it is more likely that you’ll find coffee blends frequently.


What are some of the most popular single-origin coffees that are worth a try?

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Some single-origin coffee flavors that have strong reputations in the world of coffee are Ethiopian or coffee from Columbia, India and even Kenya. Single-origin coffees typically are sourced from very exotic and special regions in countries all around the world! 



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