the difference between drip coffee and instant coffee
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What is Drip Coffee?

Drip Coffee:

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Given its name by its method, drip coffee is one of the techniques that are used to make brewed coffee. Brewed coffee is made by pouring hot water over coffee beans and letting the beans seep into a pot. The most common way to brew coffee is by allowing the coffee to drip over a pot underneath slowly. Dropping the coffee slowly enhances the flavor of the coffee and gives it a stronger taste overall. 


In order to make drip coffee, the coffee needs to slowly be dropped into a pot. Poured over a filter, the coffee grounds are mixed with hot water and then seep into the filter below. The formed mixture drips down into a pot to create drip coffee. The typical method of making coffee is by using the drip coffee technique. 

The filter that is used for the drip coffee can be made out of a paper, mesh, or a plastic filter. A paper filter is most commonly used as a filter because it disposes easily, giving a fresh taste to each pot. Each of these filters provide a different taste to the overall flavor of the coffee. 

The reason drip coffee is poured through a filter is to eliminate all of the excess oil extracts that are often found on the coffee beans. These oils should not be mixed with the end coffee result as they will alter the taste of the flavor. 


A typical cup of drip coffee (12 oz) holds about 120mg of coffee. Depending on how big the coffee grinds are, the caffeine level will be altered. Essentially, the smaller the grind, the more room for caffeine to seep into the cup. Larger grinds will have less of a caffeine content.

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