Why Our Instant Coffee is Different


Why WAKACOFFEE is the best instant coffee
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Why Our Instant Coffee is Different

We are on a mission to reinvent the instant coffee category, and we can’t do it without a superior product.

Let’s start with the origin. Our instant coffee is sourced from Colombia and is manufactured under the umbrella of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia), which ensures our beans and processing are always of the highest quality. Colombia is known as the Land of Coffee due to its unique geography, climate, favorable temperature, and speciality in growing high quality Arabica beans. Most Colombian coffee growers maintain small, family-owned farms. Small-scale farming ensures careful attention is paid to the coffee throughout the growing and processing phases, which gives the beans their distinct, delicious taste.

Medium roast Colombian instant coffee

After the beans are picked and roasted to perfection, they are freeze dried and transformed into soluble granules. We won’t bore you with too much chemistry (check out our FAQ page for details), but what you should know is that other instant coffee brands apply heat to evaporate the liquid from the beans. This process creates the burnt coffee taste that you commonly find in regular instant coffee products. By contrast, our freeze drying process preserves the beans’ naturally delicious flavor. This is why our customers keep raving about our coffee’s taste, and professional coffee reviewers mention our coffee as one of the best instant coffees of 2018.

Top rated instant coffee

Once our coffee is freeze dried, it comes to California to be carefully packaged in single serve 0.1oz coffee packets. Our instant coffee packets are made of foil-lined natural kraft paper, and our boxes are also made of kraft paper. Compared to the plastic or glass jars in which instant coffee is typically sold, our product is more eco-friendly. You can recycle most of our packaging and mailers, and our lightweight packaging requires less energy to transport, which cuts down on carbon emissions. In addition, through our “Add Water, Give Water” program, we donate 4% of our proceeds to charity: water, which brings clean and safe drinking water to  26 countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

As the best instant coffee we also give back

Because our coffee tastes like slow brew coffee minus the hassle of making it, it is a perfect solution for your busy mornings or when you need coffee on-the-go. Instead of spending time measuring the water to coffee ratio, waiting for your coffee to brew, and cleaning your machine, simply tear open a single-serve packet of our pure soluble coffee. Just add water - that’s it. If you need coffee for camping, don’t overspend on expensive coffee gear that will require you to work for your coffee. Take our Colombian 100% Arabica coffee to enjoy the same beloved taste, instantly. Our beautiful coffee box is also a great gift for coffee lovers on holidays and special occasions.

Quality instant coffee that was voted as the best instant coffee

Try our medium roast instant coffee here.


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