Black Pepper Coffee is an Actual Thing You Should Try


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Black Pepper Coffee is an Actual Thing You Should Try

Pepper is added to just about anything these days, from steaks to salad dressing to even chips. Why do some people think the next best thing is pairing it with coffee?

It seems almost everyday there is a new ingredient that is supposed to be paired with your next cup of coffee. Whether it may be simple like chocolate shavings or cinnamon flakes, salt, eggs, collagen or alcohol, there is no end to the unique coffee trends.

The latest thing to come out now is black pepper in your coffee. It may sound odd to add a bitter substance to the already somewhat bitter coffee, but in reality the black pepper complements the coffee to the highest extremes, like no other. Incorporating black pepper into your next cup of coffee might just be the next best thing you have tried!

how to make black pepper instant coffee

What exactly goes into making a black pepper coffee? Well, just as the name suggests, black pepper coffee has in fact pepper flakes in it. The pepper is meant to offset the bitterness of the coffee, and make it more appealing to taste. The pepper flakes are mixed well with the instant coffee, which form a poignant brew as it boils. 

In its most natural form, black pepper comes from peppercorns, which are vines that stem the fruit of the pepper spice. In order to make pepper flakes, the peppercorns must be dried and shaved down to form a seasoning, one that can be used in many dishes. Peppercorns can come in many different colors, each of whom have various levels of sweetness and/or tanginess, but the most common form of peppercorns are the black ones. 

The health benefits of pepper 

Gets rid of fever and cold like symptoms

Pepper can actually help you in more ways than you think. With both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, pepper can help you fight off infections. When you are faced with an infection, such as a fever or a cold, your body lacks the specific health properties it needs to get better. By adding a little pepper to your next cup of joe, you can give your body the particles it is lacking back, allowing you to get better much quicker.

the health benefits of black pepper instant coffee

As much as you may not have an appetite or want to drink anything when you have a fever or a cold, the only thing you can count on always is wanting a cup of coffee. No matter the mood, coffee is always there to cheer you up! Now with the added pepper, you be able to restore back to your normal self in no time!

Relieves headaches

Capsaicin, a chemical found in pepper, is known for relieving headaches and migraines. The chemical is a pain transmitter to the brain, sending signals of when and how to experience pain levels. When one has a headache or migraine, the pain signals are being sent directly to the head causing you to feel as if your head was pounding. With the addition of Capsaicin to your diet, you are allowing your brain to receive the neurotransmitters telling you not experience the pain anymore.

By adding pepper to your coffee, you are giving your brain extra neurotransmitters to relieve the pain measurements. As you drink your black pepper coffee, those painful headaches and migraines will slowly begin to die down, making you feel much better afterwards.

How to make Black Pepper Coffee


  • 1-2 teaspoons of Waka Instant Coffee
  • Half a teaspoon of black pepper
  • Boiled water
  • Sugar and milk (optional)


In a large saucepan, boil 1 cup of water

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When boiled, add in instant coffee and black pepper flakes

make premium instant coffee with pepper

Stir well and pour into individual cups. Add sugar and milk if desired

make instant coffee black pepper drink



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