Yes, People Are Salting Their Coffee. Should You?


how to salt your instant coffee
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Yes, People Are Salting Their Coffee. Should You?

You probably don’t often associate your regular table salt with a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, more people are switching their sugar with salt. Learn more.

Why add that salty taste to your coffee when you can easily enjoy your coffee the old fashioned way? In one of the latest trends, salt is being used in coffee instead of sugar across the globe.

Coffee experts are constantly looking for new ways to improve the overall coffee taste. They've come up with solutions that original coffee discoverers wouldn’t dare think of adding. Sugar, whipped cream, and much more unique toppings have all added to the taste of coffee for the better. Now there’s a new method in the running; salt.

what happens when you add salt to your instant coffee

First, what is salt? We often use the words “sodium” and “salt” interchangeably; however, there’s a difference between the two. According to the FDA, the salt we sprinkle on meals or add while cooking is a crystal-like compound (40 percent sodium and 60 percent chloride). On the other hand, sodium, is a mineral and one of the elements found in salt. Salt is the most common way sodium is consumed: Between our personal use and the salt added to processed and prepared foods, at least 95 percent of the sodium in our diet comes in the form of salt. Our body needs a certain amount of sodium to function properly and it is found naturally in many foods, including celery, beets and milk. 

The Salt Trend

As bitter as salt may seem, it is actually makes the perfect addition to your morning pick-me-up. It makes the flavors come to life, giving you that much needed taste.

The salt particles are filled with an ample supply of sodium ions that alter the natural bitterness of the coffee. The ions change the bitterness, giving the coffee a sweeter taste. 

why you want to add salt in your coffee

A study posted in Nature has shown that adding salt occasionally to a cup of coffee will enhance its overall taste. The study went further to include an interview with Alton Brown, a popular cookbooks author.

According to Alton Brown’s Coffee Owner’s Manual, adding a little pinch of salt to your cup of coffee will neutralize the bitterness of the coffee, giving it a more sweeter feel. The combination of both bitter substances (coffee and salt) negates both and enhances the overall flavor. When the bitterness level is neutralized, the acidity of the coffee is altered as well, eventually affecting the aroma and sensory experience.

The salt trend wasn't created specifically for coffee lovers. Originally salt was added to wines to improve the taste of the wine, especially if it was a dry wine. Most people prefer a sweeter tasting wine over a dry one, but by adding salt the bitterness and acidity were neutralized as well. 

If bitterness concerns you, try adding some salt to your next cup of coffee or a glass of wine for a sweeter and more enhanced flavor!

Benefits of adding salt

Salt changes the taste of the coffee for the better; it gives it a new aromatic flavor. The salt allows the flavors to aerate within the cup, neutralizing its bitter taste.

Another perk that comes with the salt trend is that the salt reduces the taste of water that is often equipped with coffee. In some cups there is a strong water taste that is hard to get rid of, with salt, that taste is reduced allowing you to taste more of the coffee.

Adding salt to your diet can give you additional benefits other than changing the overall taste of your coffee or wine. Some of the benefits that are associated with salt include the support of healthy nervous system, keeps you hydrated, and helps balance out electrolytes.


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When making coffee with salt, you should never add too much salt as it might make the coffee taste too bitter. The key is to neutralize the bitterness and acidity of the coffee, not increase the levels by almost double. In order to achieve the full effect that is associated with salt and coffee, a small amount of salt should be used. Typically no more than ¼ of a teaspoon of salt should be added. Anything more than a quarter of a teaspoon will make the coffee taste as if the whole salt shaker was poured into the cup instead. You really don't want that taste...


Essentially only kosher salt should be used to add to your cup of coffee as it has a distinct taste that will enhance the flavor. But if you prefer a more natural salt particle to use instead, that can be used as well. The goal is to change the flavor for the better, so if you prefer one salt over another go for it! After all we want the flavor to be enhanced as much as possible without ruining the overall taste of the coffee.


Like most substances, too much salt in your diet can be dangerous as well. It is not good to consume too much of it, in any form. 

Too much salt can increase the chances of a heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. It is important to only consume salt in moderation and not overdue on it too much. When consuming additional salt, keep in mind that there is already salt added in regular daily life processed foods as well. Restaurants also add salt to their dishes to give them a stronger flavor, so be sure to keep track of your salt intake. Be sure to also check the sodium levels of products before consuming them and maybe think twice about eating that extra cookie. :) 

To reduce the risks that are associated with eating too much salt, consider making some changes to your cooking habits: 

  • Avoid using salt when cooking and switch to natural spices and herbs instead
  • Always read the sodium levels on the nutritional facts
  • Limit the amount of snacks and prepared foods that contain salt
  • Choose the unsalted option whenever possible 


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Skip the lines at your coffee shop and try making coffee with salt on your own at home! Just add a pinch of salt to our quality instant coffee and you’ll feel like you belong with the newest generation and their latest trend. Again, make sure to add just a tiny bit and keep track of your salt intake.

Add a pinch of salt to our instant coffee to enhance the flavors of the freeze-dried Arabica coffee beans. Be sure to not add too much salt or you also might ruin the taste of our beans in your cup, and we want you to have only the finest instant coffee!

Give your favorite version of hot or iced instant coffee a twist with some salt! 

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