Loaded Teas 101: The Basics From Amazon to Make Yours at Home


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Loaded Teas 101: The Basics From Amazon to Make Yours at Home

Let's summarize all the essentials from Amazon you’ll need to easily make your loaded tea at home. 

The basics of loaded teas

Loaded teas are colorful aesthetically appealing instant tea drinks that are boosted with caffeine and other nutritional ingredients. The goal of loaded teas is to affordably recreate popular caffeinated ready-to-drink energy beverages at the comfort of your home.

Nowadays there are many loaded tea recipes available online, so you can easily find one that best fits your tastebuds. 

In its core, a loaded tea is made with an instant tea concentrate, aloe or collagen water, flavoring powders or syrups, guarana powder and ice.

Why do people love loaded teas?

nutrition club loaded tea recipes

Some consumers make loaded teas for their assumed health benefits as they are made with instant tea powders, supplement powders and multivitamin mixes. Some consumers love loaded teas for their caffeine levels (about 200 mg on average), and others love them for their affordability and taste.

Where did loaded tea start?

It’s not clear if the first loaded tea recipes were initially created by any specific brand, or if independent nutritional shops came up with the concept. The different types of loaded tea recipes started to gain momentum in 2020 and took off ever since. 

You can get your loaded teas from nutritional clubs across the country, or easily make your own at home while using ingredients available online. According to Today there are about 5,900 nutrition clubs all over the U.S., many of them concentrated in towns across Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida.

Are loaded teas healthy?

Like with any other beverage, the ingredients included in the drink, as well as the amount of consumption will be an important factor in determining if your loaded tea is healthy or not. 

Make sure to read the nutrition label for every supplement or ingredient you include. Try to use unsweetened pure instant tea concentrates, control the amount of sugar added and watch out your daily caffeine consumption. 

Loaded teas can be a good source of nutritions, antioxidants and hydration if consumed responsibly. Make sure to consult your doctor if caffeinated drinks are for you.

Loaded teas and social media


Loaded teas and their colorful look is taking social media by a storm. Many consumers and recipe creators share their delicious drinks on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Many DIY versions of loaded tea are also becoming increasingly popular as consumers use these recipes to make their own drinks without relying on a specific brand or store. At Waka, we love seeing our tea concentrated featured as part of Jana’s recipes from the popular TikTok account @silverlininglessons.

Loaded tea recipes

While there are so many recipes to choose from, here are our favorites using Waka’s instant tea powders.

Buy these essentials from Amazon to make your loaded teas

1. 6 Pack Insulated Acrylic Tumblers with Lid & Straw

These top-quality acrylic tumblers are 100% BPA free without any toxic material.The acrylic material is not only durable but also lightweight. The colorful straws and lids will perfectly match the color of your daily loaded tea.

2. Ice Cube Tray with Lid and Storage Bin for Freezer

Loaded teas require ice, a lot of ice. If you don't have a refrigerator with an ice machine this ice cube tray is a great option. This Ice cube mold and tray makes 55 mini nugget ice cubes each time and the ice box can hold 3 trays of cubes. So you can make sure you have enough ice coffee for loaded teas at any time. 

3. Energy Rush Sticks Variety Box

Many DIY loaded tea recipes call for a 4C stick for its flavor and caffeine content. According to Caffeine Informer, 4C Energy Drink Mix contains 10.06 mg of caffeine per fl oz (34.01 mg per 100 ml). A 16.9 fl oz cup has a total of 170 mg of caffeine.

4. Waka Instant Tea Concentrate Bundle

To make your dupe loaded tea at home you need to start with... tea! Waka's tea concentrate powder is unsweetened without artificial ingredients or additives. This green tea powder bundle include one bag of unflavored green tea powder, one bag of peach flavored green tea powder and one lemon flavored green tea powder. Each bag contains about 200 servings.

5. Wild Berry Aloe Vera Juice

Many loaded tea recipes call for adding aloe vera juice as it might help your body absorb the vitamins and nutrients found in the beverage. This aloe vera juice is made with the tasty flavor of wild berry and is enhanced with botanical herbs. It also doesn't include sugars or starches so you can enjoy all the aloe vera juice benefits without the by-products.

6. Guarana Seed Powder

Guarana powder is added into loaded teas for its caffeine addition. It is usually packed with about 3 to 6x more than coffee (although, how can you say no to the taste of Waka's instant coffee?). This easy-to-use powder can be mixed into your loaded tea recipes, smoothies, shakes, beverages and more. Each guarana serving contains about 220mg of caffeine.

7. Strawberry Lemonade Collagen Powder

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is vital for overall health and appearance. Collagen powder is often added into loaded teas as it can help for joint health. This collagen is sourced from grass fed and pasture-raised cows.

8. Sugar Free Soda Powder Variety Pack

Love drinking your loaded teas with some flavor? Consider adding this Sunkist soda mix which is sugar free, caffeine free, and non-carbonated. It comes in to-go packs for easier measurement.

9. Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Getting into loaded teas requires some organization. With so many recipes available you'll end up with different ingredients and powders. Keep your loaded tea supplies in this rugged, high-impact polystyrene plastic frame with 24 drawers. 

10. Assorted Sizes Food Bag Clips Plastic

Keep you opened bags or packets fully sealed so you could easily reuse your ingredients. These durable high quality clips made of PVC and rubber for ease of use.  

Make your loaded teas with Waka's tea concentrates. Get them here.

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