How to Make Without a Coffeemaker


 How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee maker?
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How to Make Coffee Without a Coffeemaker?

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffeemaker?

best method for making coffee without a coffee maker

Decided to save money and space and skipped on buying a coffee machine? Going out camping and need to know how to make your cup of joe in the morning?Explore the main options for drinking coffee without a coffee maker.

The Boiling in a Pan Method

1. Fill a kitchen pan with water and turn on the heat until boiling. Fill more water than your regular coffee-to-water ratio since some of it is going to get left in the pan with the coffee sediments. 

2. Wait for the water to boil and then add the coffee. The amount of coffee you need depends on the size of the pan, but aim for two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water you use.

3. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Wait until all of the grounds settle at the bottom (about 5 minutes). 

4. Slowly pour the coffee off the top or use a ladle to pour into your cup. 

The Coffee in a Bag Method

1. Pack one serving of ground coffee into a disposable coffee filter. Pack it tightly to make a coffee pouch.

2. Tie the pouch with length of string. Leave it hanging outside your cup like a tea bag.

3. Place the coffee pouch in a mug and cover with hot water. Keep in the mug for about 4 minutes. Leave the pouch steeping as you would like to make your brew stronger or weaker.

4. Remove the filter, stir if needed and enjoy.

Cowboy Coffee Method

1. Similar to the boiling water method, put one tablespoon of grounded coffee per coffee serving into a traveling/camping aluminum kettle (8-10 oz of water per serving).

2. Place the aluminum kettle over fire or over the stove, and wait for the water to boil for about two minutes. 

3. Let the coffee and water sit for about 5 minutes to let the grounds sink down. 

4. Slowly pour the coffee into your mug trying to avoid pouring out the grounds. 

The Microwave Method

1. Place a mug of 8-10 oz of water into the microwave and heat for about two minutes. Depending on your microwave, the water should be hot but not boiling. 

2. Pour in a tablespoon of coffee and let it sit for about four minutes allowing the coffee grounds to settle at the bottom of you mug.

3. Stir a bit if needed.

4. Enjoy your coffee. Try to avoid drinking the last sips as they will be full with coffee grounds. 

The Easiest Method - Quality Instant Coffee

how to make coffee on the stove

To make Waka Coffee instant coffee:

1. Pour out one packet or 0.1 oz of our quality instant coffee (about one tablespoon) to 8-10 oz of water.

2. Add hot or cold water. 

3. Stir and enjoy! 

Feel free to add cream, sugar, or drink it as black coffee to enjoy the purest flavor.


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