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What is Cappuccino?


how cappuccino is made and how much caffeine

The cappuccino is another espresso-based drink originating in Italy. It first appeared in Europe during the 1930s, but the term “cappuccino” didn’t come about in coffeehouses until the 1950s. It is a rich tasting coffee drink that features the espresso taste, but toned down with milk.

The word “cappuccino” comes from the Italian word “cappuccio” meaning “hood.” This was because some traditional cappuccinos were made with raised milk foam on top. It also was named after the color of monks and nuns’ hoods during 17th century Europe.


The cappuccino is similar to the latte, but has a stronger espresso flavor and is served in the smaller 6 ounce cup. Although it is stronger than the latte, it is not as strong at the macchiato. It is made with 1 or 2 shots of espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 milk foam. It is important to notes that the cappuccino contains equal parts of milk and foam, which contributes to the stronger espresso flavor. Its three layers are visually distinct with the top foam layer usually containing latte art depending on the barista making the beverage.


Just like all other espresso-based drinks, the amount of caffeine in the cappuccino is dependent on the amount of espresso it is made with. According to Caffeine Content, a shot of espresso, which is about 1-1.5 ounces, has about 58-185 mg of caffeine. Many times the cappuccino can be made with either one or two shots depending on your order and the place you get your coffee fix.


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