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What is Cafe au Lait?

Café au Lait:

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Café au lait is a direct translation for the french term “coffee with milk”.  A coffee with hot milk added in is defined as Café au lait, unlike a white coffee which uses cold milk.

This type of coffee differs based on the place that it is being served in. In most European countries this refers to a cup of coffee served with heated milk. Although in the American culture, this refers to a strong drip-brewed coffee and is served with steamed milk that is poured in. Contrary to a Latte, this drink is not made from espresso, but a drip or french pressed coffee as the base. Café au lait only uses steamed milk without having froth in the cup. Steamed milk is poured over a strongly brewed coffee, typically french pressed coffee.


The café au lait is very similar to a latte when it comes to the amount of milk, but is served without froth. It is made with a cup of strongly brewed coffee and with 1 - ½ cups of steamed milk. In order to steam the milk, whisk the milk over a medium flame in a saucepan. Once the milk is steaming, pour it over the brewed coffee. The milk and coffee layers will mix on their own.


The amount of caffeine in a cup of café au lait is determined by the size of the cup of coffee and the type of brew used as the base. The drink is made only from coffee and steamed milk, which doesn't have a caffeine effect on the total amount. According to Caffeine Informer, a cup of drip coffee varies between 115 to 175 mg of caffeine while a cup of french press varies between 80 to 135 mg of caffeine. If you decide to make your café au lait with Waka instant coffee, the amount of caffeine will be around 70 mg of caffeine. café au lait can range from 40 - 80 mg of caffeine per cup of coffee.


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