What Is Misto Coffee?
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What Is Misto Coffee?

Misto Coffee:

what is misto coffee and how to make it

Misto Coffee is the American version of Café au Lait, a popular drink of choice in France. The Café au Lait is found at almost every café, and people have become experts in making it themselves at home too. Since we are in America and not in France, the version of the Café au Lait is a little different but for the most part they are the same drink. Often served in a large bowl-like mug (perfect size to dip croissants in), the Café au Lait can be found at just about every corner.

It is not uncommon for Americans to adapt certain cultures from other regions into their own. Adapting the coffee is just a thing of the many ways that make America so great. By adapting the coffee from other places to fit our own culture, we are able to create an environment that appeals to all. If the Café au Lait is such a great drink that it is found everywhere, than why should we not bring it back to The States for others to enjoy as well?! 


Misto Coffee is one of the easiest coffee drinks to make. The Misto Coffee consists of only two parts, freshly brewed coffee and steamed milk. The steamed milk is poured over the brewed coffee to create an even ratio of steamed milk to brewed coffee. While the milk sits on top of the coffee it may look like the drink is primarily milk based, at a closer glance you can realize that it is not just milk but rather equal layers of both milk and coffee.

The amount of milk that is found in a Misto Coffee could potentially fool someone into thinking that you are drinking a latte instead. In fact, a latte is actually quite different from what a Misto Coffee consists of. A latte consists of 3 parts, with the majority of it being milk. A latte starts off with freshly brewed coffee, which is then topped with steamed milk, and finally a thin layer of foam milk is placed on the top of the cup. 


Misto Coffee can come in many different sizes. A typical cup of Misto Coffee (8 oz) can hold about 75 mg of caffeine. Larger cups can hold up to 195 mg of caffeine.


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