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What is a City Roast?

City Roast:

light roast vs city roast what are the differences

City roast is another name for a medium roast. During this roasting process, coffee beans reach the first crack of roasting (shortest time to roast), which result in dry beans with medium brown color on the outside. City roast beans are acidic with bright tones, and have the most balanced flavor. Therefore it is the most commonly used form of roasting in the US. 

The roast time is the time that the coffee beans are toasted. Dark roast beans have had the most heat exposure and are closest to being “burnt” in color, which is why the taste is very rich and intense. Medium roast beans are less intensely roasted than dark roast, and light roast beans spent the least amount of time in heat and have the lightest color.

There are two ‘cracks’ that signify how roasted the beans will be. The first crack occurs when the coffee beans reach a level of 380°F and can last up to 15 minutes. If that is the level of roast that the roaster is looking for, she or he will remove the coffee beans from the flame at this point. If they would prefer a darker roast, the beans will be left on the flame until the second crack, which begins shortly after the first crack ends. In this crack the coffee beans reach 435° F.