What is the difference between tea and chai?
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What is Chai Tea?

Chai Tea:

How To Make a Chai Latte

Chai Tea is a version of tea that combines the different flavors of natural spices with tea leaves. Since Chai Tea can be made with so many different flavors, the taste of the tea can vary based on the location that it is made in. Some cultures include milk in the tea as a creamy base, whereas others insert additional sweeteners. Regardless of where the tea is being made, all Chai Teas have tea leaves and strong spices in common. 

Depending on the flavors that are added to the brew, the tea can be one of three flavors. Properly made Chai Tea can either have a savory flavor, a bitter flavor, or a sweet flavor; each of which are made from different ingredients that are common to the region where the tea was made. 


When it comes to making Chai Tea the main ingredients that go into the brew are spices. The spices that are used range from a variety of flavors, such as cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. Aside from the traditional spices that are used in Chai Tea, vanilla, saffron, nutmeg, and cumin can be added to the mix if those are the more common spices in that specific city or culture.

Depending on the location that Chai Tea is made, the final product is altered to fit that region. Black, Green, Darjeeling, and Herbal Teas are all acceptable tea leaves that can be used to make Chai Tea. In some cultures, the taste of Chai Tea can be too strong, so milk is added to dilute the strong taste. In addition, some will add sweeteners like sugar or honey to the brew for a sweeter taste.


Since Chai Tea can be made with various types of teas, so the level of caffeine depends on the tea leaves that are used and the way it was brewed. Some teas have a high caffeine content, whereas for others the content is little to none. Typically, black teas have the highest caffeine content when compared to other types of tea. For example, an average cup of black tea has 40-90 mg of caffeine, a cup of green tea contains 20–45 mg, while white tea will deliver 6–60 mg per cup.


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