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What is Light Roast Coffee?

Light Roast:

the most delicious light roast

Firstly, it is important to know what a roast is even referring to. The roast time is the time that the coffee beans are toasted. Dark roast beans have had the most heat exposure and are closest to being “burnt” in color, which is why the taste is very rich and intense. Medium roast beans are less intensely roasted than dark roast, and light roast beans spent the least amount of time in heat and have the lightest color. To be considered a light roast, the beans usually reach an internal temperature between 350-400ºF. 

Light roast coffee, though not as rich in flavor as dark roast, has the most caffeine of the other roasting choices. Because of its minimal time spent roasting, light roast beans keep their complex flavor making it more acidic, bright, and mellow.

They also tend to taste very different based on the region that they were grown in. Light roast coffee is like drinking wine in that each place’s product has a noticeable difference in taste, aroma, and experience. In general, light roast coffee will be a lighter taste closer resembling tea with a fruity, floral, and fragrant flavor profile. Compare and learn more about the different coffee roasts in our article.

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