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Why Reviewers Love Our Quality Instant Coffee

We are super excited about the great support we received from our customers and professional coffee reviewers. We wanted to share the reviews with you!

In the past months our quality instant coffee was mentioned on top of numerous best instant coffee lists and covered in great publications. We created this recap to showcase the highlights from these reviews!

"Instant Coffee Is Actually Good Again Thanks to Waka Coffee" The Daily Beast

best tasting instant coffee review

The Daily Beast is an American news and opinion website focused on politics and pop culture. In December 2018, they covered Waka Coffee and wrote the following:

"Look, I know what you're thinking. Instant coffee is just reserved for camping trips and emergency situations. But Waka Coffee is here to change that.

What regular instant coffee does is well, just that, make coffee instant. Waka Coffee is 100% freeze dried arabica coffee, which means it's not just easy to make, but it tastes pretty damn good."

"Best Instant Coffee: Brew on the Dark Side" Roasty Coffee

best light medium high caffeine instant coffee

Roasty Coffee is the unfiltered resource for coffee lovers online. With interesting guides, blogs, and valuable lists. We are grateful to be on top of their best instant coffee list! They also reviewed our quality instant coffee and wrote: 

"I was a little skeptical, but I have to admit – it was a darn good cup of coffee. It’s not going to stop me from French pressing in the morning, but it’s definitely a solid option to have in the cupboard when you’re in a hurry.

Waka is also a business with a purpose – providing clean water to those who need it."

"Top 10+ Instant Coffee Brands 2019" Caffeine Informer

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Caffeine Informer believes that accurate caffeine information must be freely available to all. They have a large database about various caffeinated drinks and they also write reviews. Our instant coffee was reviewed by their team and was rated 2nd place on their "Best Instant Coffee" list. 

"I made a cup of Waka according to the directions and added some milk and a teaspoon of sugar just like I do when I drink brewed coffee. I was happy with the result. Waka tastes nice and in some cases better than the brewed coffee I've had but overall pretty much on par with brewed coffee.

It does have a citrusy note which isn't typical in brewed coffee unless it's single origin.

Overall, Waka is a high-quality instant coffee and seems like it would be great for camping trips and other occasions when brewing coffee isn't an option."

"7 Best Instant Coffee You Can Buy" InsideHook

best tasting instant coffee review

InsideHook is the essential lifestyle guide for adventurous and established men: those who have limited time, but discerning taste and a thirst for experiences. Waka Coffee was chosen to be on the website's "Best Instant Coffee" list among other instant coffee startups. 

"For feeling good about yourself: Waka Coffee

Given that coffee production can utilize a lot of water (and create coffee wastewater), it’s great that the Cali-based Waka donates a percentage of their sales to charity: water, which brings clean and safe drinking water to global communities. As for their coffee: They use 100% Colombian Arabica beans, and offer a smooth, not bitter sipper."

"Nerdbot Stays Caffeinated (and Happy) with Waka Coffee" Nerdbot Media

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Nerdbot Media focuses on pop culture, TV, and new product recommendations. The reporter, Loryn Stone, from the website wrote this great piece about her experience drinking our quality instant coffee. 

"Before I even drank it, I was drawn in by the packaging. It’s absolutely charming. The box is recyclable  cardboard and each little individual packet has a cute and fun phrase on it. It’s like the Taco Bell sauce packets of coffee consumption, only I don’t feel regret in my guts once I’m done with it.

But in all seriousness—even the aroma of Waka Coffee was incredible. It was rich, smoky, earthy, with a touch of an outdoorsy perfume. Dare I say it smelled…handsome? All in all, Waka coffee is a pretty mellow blend. It’s clearly medium roast coffee, my favorite, with a great viscosity and non-bitter or burned flavor."

Waka Coffee Instant Coffee Review - Coffee Review

instant coffee that isn't burnt-tasting

Coffee Review's goal is to entertain and educate coffee drinkers, food service professionals, and the coffee trade with a credible and easy-to-use coffee guide based on objective blind reviews by experienced individuals in the specialty coffee industry. The website blind tasted our quality instant coffee and gave it the score of 88 out of 100. The highest score ever given to an instant coffee product by the website is 89. Our new instant coffee is on top of the list beating well-established instant coffee brands from around the world. 

"Caramel-toned, richly sweet. Dark caramel, magnolia-like flowers, cedar, baker’s chocolate, a hint of apricot in aroma and cup. Sweet-toned in structure with brisk acidity; smooth mouthfeel. The finish is crisply sweet and resonant, with lingering notes of caramel and apricot.

An appealing 100% Colombia coffee in instant format that largely preserves the character of the green coffee."

Waka Coffee Review – A New Take on Quality Instant Coffee - Best Quality Instant Coffee

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Best Quality coffee is one of the internet's largest coffee directory. Besides selling coffee on their website they also feature a wide range of coffee equipment products that can meet the needs of the average coffee drinker as well as the superstar barista! They post reviews, coffee guides, recommendations and more. Waka Coffee was reviewed by their professional team.

"The flavor was much deeper than I would have expected from an instant coffee. Dare I say, this coffee stays so true to the characteristics of quality Colombian brew that you wouldn't even know this was instant coffee. That's saying a lot in my opinion. This medium roasted coffee packs the punch that coffee lovers with a bolder taste profile will appreciate. 

After enjoying the bold flavor, I noticed it quickly tapered into a smooth and balanced aftertaste where subtle citrus notes were readily discernible. I was impressed by how true this coffee remained to the traditional coffee experience.

Waka Coffee has taken what I consider to be major strides to advance an industry historically focused on convenience over quality."

Review: Waka Coffee, 100% Arabica Freeze-Dried Colombian Instant Coffee - Coffee Cantana

the best quality instant coffee

Coffee Cantana is a personal coffee blog written by Margaret - a coffee lover Dallas. This blog is written for people that don't drink coffee just as a caffeine delivery system, but care what it tastes like. Margaret is teaching her readers about coffee and how to get the most enjoyment out of your beans, one cup at a time! We had the opportunity to be reviewed by her (and her family!).

"No soapy aroma, and a nice balance of butterscotch sweetness with a subtle citrus/orange acidity... I was able to drink this black with no complaints – there was zero bitterness and no unpleasant flavors that I would have felt the need to cover up with milk/sugar.

Waka’s 100% Colombian single-origin instant coffee is a surprisingly good product. I would not personally purchase this for daily consumption – when I’m at home, I’m sticking with my normal routine of buying local roasters and grinding my beans fresh before every cup – but on the road, this is a much, much better choice than buying supermarket instant coffee, and the convenience really can’t be beat."

"How to Make Iced Coffee" Using Waka Coffee - Enjoy Java

what is the best brand of instant coffee

For the following recipe, I use Waka Coffee. Its got great citrus flavor notes – perfect for iced coffee. And it's made from 100% Arabica coffee beans which add to the pleasant flavor."

"12 Awesome Honeymoon Gift Ideas For The Happy Couple" - Fupping

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Fupping is a great website to find the best products on the web. They organize them based on categories and let their audience upvote the best products on top of each of their lists. Waka Coffee was voted as the best gift on this list. 

"Most honeymoons require traveling, but unfortunately, for coffee lovers the airplane coffee is just not good enough. Waka coffee is great for flying, traveling, and camping (if you are very adventures on your honeymoon!)."

"Best Travel Gadgets" - Lifeny 

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Lifney is another gifts and best products directory specializing in the outdoors and traveling. Their expert assisted guides provide valuable insight into everyday travel gear.

"Ideal for enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, anywhere, from the office to the campsite to the airplane, Waka Coffee offers coffee lovers an instant cup of joe that tastes like slow drip coffee. For today’s busy lifestyle, this high-quality instant coffee provides a simpler coffee experience to fuel your entire day! Simply tuck a packet in your purse, laptop bag, backpack or pocket to be enjoyed no matter where your day takes you!"

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