How to Optimize Your At-Home Coffee Drinking Experience


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How to Optimize Your At-Home Coffee Drinking Experience

Are you in the look for the perfect at-home cup of coffee? Make your home ready for the best coffee drinking experience with our guide.

Most coffee drinkers love the drink, but also love the ambiance and feel of a homey coffee shop. Unfortunately, the presence of coffee shops like Central Perk from “Friends” are declining as fast food type coffee shops are popping up on every corner. If you want to be able to emulate the vibes of your favorite coffee shop in the comfort of your own home, look no further for tips and tricks to make that a reality!

How to optimize your at-home coffee drinking experience


The ultimate guide to making cafe-style coffee in your own home

Every great coffee shop has a cozy couch or chair and an amazing coffee table perfect for taking artsy photos; therefor, every coffee connoisseur needs a coffee drinking space in their home or apartment.

No need to worry—getting this nook in order doesn’t need to break the bank! For the furniture, you can look in discount furniture stores or bigger named stores for a reliable coffee table and chair. We recommend going with wood—it is more sophisticated than stainless steel or glass and pairs perfectly with a white or blue mug! Walmart and Ikea have some great coffee table options for cheap, and they are easily assembled and small enough to move around with ease.

Pro tip: if you are crafty, you can make your own coffee table out of wood scraps, old junk furniture, or random objects around the house that you don’t use anymore. The more eclectic, the better! As for the chair, you can use almost anything with a cushion. It can be as simple as laying a big pillow on the floor or using a bean bag from your dorm room days. If you are interested in something with a little more support and structure, comfy chairs can also be found at affordable prices on Amazon, Ikea, Target, and Walmart.


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After you have chosen the perfect coffee table, it will be time to look for cute and hip table decorations. We recommend looking to Pinterest for some inspiration and great tutorials for some DIY coffee coasters and centerpieces that are cheap and really fun to make! If crafting does not sound appealing, succulents and small plants are an easy go-to to fill up space and add color to a room. The new coffee table can also be a home for magazines and books that have been cluttering up the shelves. Get creative! Everything looks better on a coffee table.

Ambiance—setting the mood

How do you make coffee quality coffee at home?

Another big component to the cozy coffee shop is music and lighting. Hopefully all of us have electricity in our homes or apartments, so creating a nicely lit space should be easy. For those with the option, try to go for soft white/warm white lights which give off a less intense shine and are perfect for a low-key vibe. Extremely direct and natural light can irritate the eyes and make it much harder to relax.

It is also recommended to position your coffee nook as close to natural light as possible. If you have a nice and big window, set up your "shop" there. The natural light and view of the outdoors will bring an element of calm to your coffee shop setup and create a very visually appealing place to hang out.

Next and almost most importantly, the music must be chosen. Whether it is being played from a phone, TV, stereo, CD, or even a cassette tape for you true hipsters, the music makes the mood. There are hundreds of cool vibe or coffee shop playlists on Spotify which are perfect. In general, play music that you enjoy because you are the one who has to listen to it! The best music for relaxation has a tempo of 60-80 beats per minute (a slower song, so you can save the screamo for another day). Keep it light, keep it slow, and probably keep it acoustic.

Coffee selection

What should I buy to make coffee?

OK, so you have your nook all set up and the music is going. Now you need to introduce the star of the show—coffee! Given that this whole scene is taking place in the comfort of your home, it is important that the coffee be made at home too. Ditch the complicated coffee brewing machines for a plethora of reasons; they take up space and time, require electricity, are expensive, and do not guarantee a wonderfully tasty cup of coffee. If you care to read more about why scrapping the coffee machines is a must, click here.

The best option for making coffee at home by using quality instant coffee. It is much more affordable than using coffee machines or getting coffee from a shop. Not only is it cheaper, but Waka Coffee premium instant coffee tastes just as good if not better than the coffee you would otherwise be buying from a shop or brewing at home. It is incredibly easy to use—just combine hot water with coffee powder and stir. In seconds you are left with delicious hot coffee! Trying to cool down with some iced coffee in your nook? No problem! Waka coffee dissolves instantly in cold water too, making it easy to make tasty iced coffee in seconds.

Part of the negative of going to coffee shops is the wait time. Especially on busy days or early in the morning, coffee shops can have lines that go out the door, and even after you finally get to the register, it takes a while for them to make your drink. Using instant coffee cuts the wait time down to almost zero. This comes especially in handy when entertaining guests! If you or your guest are in the mood for some coffee, giving the people what they want has never been so easy! You will surely be winning the host/hostess of the year award with your speedy brew time and quality tasting Waka Coffee.


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The hard work has been completed—your coffee nook has been created, the coffee is made, and all that is left is to sit, relax, drink, and enjoy. Read a light-hearted book and chill or invite friends over to hang in your cool new space. You can even host a coffee date from the comfort of your own home! Talk about life, hobbies, favorite coffee drinks, and aspirations for the future. Most importantly, enjoy your coffee space. This space is entirely by you and for you, and therefore can be used for anything you desire!


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