Quiz Yourself: What Coffee Are You?


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Quiz Yourself: What Coffee Are You?

Have you ever wondered what your soul would look like if it were represented in a coffee drink? If so, look no further than this fun and informative quiz.


Keep track of how many A’s, B’s, C’s, or D’s you pick for your answers to get your perfect coffee match at the end of the quiz.

What coffee are you quiz?

When you first wake up in the mornings— what do you do?

A. Making breakfast and catching up on news

B. Catch up on texts and social media

C. Hitting snooze

D. Gearing up for the gym

On an average Saturday night, your go-to plans are…

A. Sophisticated dinner party

B. Pjs, Netflix, and bowl of popcorn

C. Clubbing

D. Grabbing a casual drink and chatting with friends

Your Pet Peeve is…

A. When people are late

B. Unruly families

C. Preachy health-nuts

D. Bad breath

Ideal weekend getaway:

A. Spa/ski trip to the mountains (quiet, please!)

B. Desert vacation—sun exposure necessary

C. Vegas!!!

D. Napa Valley wine tasting

You are surrounded by bad drivers and bad traffic—how do you handle the road rage?

A. Throw them the finger and weave like your life depends on it

B. Take a breather and listen your favorite podcast

C. Cursing under your breathe

D. Pulling off—you would rather sit in a store and shop around than sit in traffic

You are sitting next to an unruly child on the airplane, how do you handle it?

A. Trick question, there are no babies in first class

B. Attempt to console the baby and make ridiculous faces

C. Put on a movie and ride it out

D. Order a drink and try to sleep

What is your go-to first date spot?

A. New hip restaurant/bar mentioned in Elite magazine

B. Your favorite local spot where the staff knows your name and order

C. Dave & busters—let’s get this bread!

D. New tapas restaurant with a killer cocktail menu

Go-to road trip jam?

A. Success training podcast—your friends could stand to learn a few things

B. Anything top-50

C. Whatever’s on the radio!

D. Country, baby!

Your friends describe you as…

A. Driven

B. Loyal

C. Fun-loving

D. Put together

You have 24 hours to live, what is on your agenda?

A. Getting your affairs in order

B. Spending time with family and friends

C. Checking off your craziest bucket list items

D.  Throwing a last hurrah party

You are in a rush and SO hungry, what’s your on-the-go meal?

A. Something caffeinated

B. Homemade sandwich with anything from the fridge

C.  Whatever has the shortest line

D. Trail mix from Whole Foods

Go-to cocktail?

A. Dirty martini, extra olives

B. Moscow mule

C. Whatever the bartender recommends

D. Cosmopolitan

Check your answers

Mostly A’s: Espresso Shot

what your coffee says about you

You are always on the go and ready for the next challenge ahead. You are focused and don’t like beating around the bush—to put it bluntly, you are a no BS person. You are successful and appreciate some good town time because, let’s face it, you don’t get much of that these days. Without the help of espresso and highly caffeinated drinks, life would not function as well as it does. Your schedule is a well-oiled machine with the driving force—coffee!

Mostly B’s: Iced Coffee

what kind of coffee am i

You are a homebody and love the small comforts in life. You tend to stick to routines, go back to your favorite restaurants, and keep it low-key—a true human of habit. Just like the iced coffee, you are dependable and stable. Whether you are a student, professional, or vagabond, you are always living life day by day and rely on your morning cup of joe to get your routine off to a good start.

Mostly C’s: Frappé

find your coffee type quiz

You are a fun, lively, and carefree human. You are sweet like the Frappé and care more to splurge on the good things than to hold back in the safe zone—you are a truly spontaneous and fun-loving guy or gal! Your friends hold you in high esteem as you generally elevate the energy in any room with your tenacity and spirit. Watch out though, too much sugar and you might crash!

Mostly D’s: Nonfat Sugar Free Vanilla Latte

the best coffee quiz

You are a meticulous and conscious human with a killer drive to get what you want. You have no time or patience to put up with the frill and fuss, hence your sugar free and nonfat nature. You get to the point and get things done, all without breaking a sweat or a nail. Your friends look up to your fashion sense and ability to always be on time. The nonfat sugar free vanilla latte is very trendy and always looking to get the edge—your sophistication grants you major love

Tie Between Letters: Chai Tea Latte

Are you coffee or are you tea? Who knows! Your hybrid personality makes you an easy fit in any social situation and a great wild card at any party. Some days you are a confident go-getter and others you enjoy the pleasures of sitting at home and reading a book in silence. Your unpredictability makes you exciting and a bit confusing—a true coffee anomaly.

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