Why More Nutrition Clubs Are Switching Their Tea Powders


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Why More Nutrition Clubs Are Switching Their Tea Powders

Some nutrition clubs are now switching to Waka's instant tea because of its quality, convenience and ease of use for making loaded teas. 

Nutrition clubs are community retail locations where customers come to buy protein shakes and loaded teas in individual servings, meet other community members and sometime even participate in fitness classes. Many of the nutrition clubs opened in the last few years in the U,S. rely heavily on one or two suppliers for their needs. However, recently we have experienced an influx of nutrition club owners asking to switch their tea powder vendors.

We asked our business owner customers what are the main reasons for switching to Waka and decided to highlight them in this article. Whether you’ve just decided to start your first nutrition club or if you’ve been operating your club for years, we hope this guide will help you as well.

1. No Multi-Level-Marketing Rules

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Starting and operating a nutrition club can be time consuming and difficult, and not only because of the day-to-day marketing and operational tasks. When a nutrition club is relying on multi-level-marketing companies there are also many guides and regulations to follow. For example, you can't start or use their products in your club for the first year, you have to take specific training and marketing classes and more.

By diversifying your suppliers with "off-the-shelf" products you can be your own boss and decide where and when you want to buy the products you need. There are also no contractual agreements between you and your suppliers and you are free to switch to the supplier that provides you the best value.

2. High Quality And Affordable Options

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When you choose the suppliers you want to work with for your nutrition club you should look for the most affordable options online. When you are forced to work with one supplier you are not necessary receiving the best price you could get. Shop around on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart or even eBay for the quality products you need. Or, reach out to suppliers directly to see if they have a wholesale program for volume discounts. For example, at Waka we are happy to work with many nutrition clubs through our Wholesale Program

As any other coffee shop or restaurant owner, nutrition club owners need to look for their profit margins. To increase your margins you'd like to shop around for the most affordable tea and coffee supplies. However, you still want to provide your customers only high quality products so make sure you don't scarifies on quality and taste as well. Luckily, nowadays there are many high quality coffee and tea powders on the market that you can choose from.

3. Looking for a Large Variety of Flavors

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Customers love to try new recipes of loaded teas and shakes. As a nutrition club owner your goal is to keep your customers engaged and excited so they will keep coming back to your shop. Tea powders are the base for many of the loaded tea recipes out there and what a better way to customize your recipes than trying new tea powder flavors?

While working with only one supplier you are tied to use only the products offered by that supplier. By expanding the tea powder suppliers you work with you can try new products on a regular basis. For example, Waka now offers delicious tea powder in a variety of flavors like pineapple, watermelon, lemon, peach and many more. These tea products come with subtle notes of flavor without overpowering the authentic flavors of the green or black teas.

4. Low Minimum Quantities to Order

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As a business owner you have many things to worry about. We know it as small business owners ourselves. Owning a business is all about de-risking your investment so you want to order inventory without committing to products you are not sure you will need. Working with a multi-level-marketing company to supply your tea powders will sometime mean that you have to buy in larger quantities than you'd like. 

Choosing to buy off-the-shelf tea powders mean that you have the freedom to buy as little as you want, or increase your volumes when you are ready for it for even more discounts. At Waka, you can buy one tea bag at a time, bundle several of your tea options together for a lower price or sign up to our Wholesale Program for even more discounts. You can buy our tea powders however and wherever you need. No monthly requirements to maintain your account. Oh, you also earn rewards for every dollar spent!

5. So Many Recipes Now Incorporate Waka Tea Powders

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Switching your tea powder supplier can be scary. You probably already did a lot of research or heard from other business owners about a specific company. You are looking for other options but hesitant about finding loaded tea recipes that use another brand.

Luckily, Waka is now incorporated in so many homemade loaded tea recipes that you could use in your shop. You can choose from the many coffee and tea recipes from our blog (or search "loaded tea" in the search bar on our website) or visit our friends Silver Lining Lessons for the most robust loaded tea menu board you can find. Jana and her team release new and exciting loaded tea recipes on a weekly basis with Waka teas and other products you can easily find online or at your local grocery shop.

Switching your nutrition club tea powder supplier was never so easy and quick. Try Waka teas today.

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