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Coffee 101: Lemon Juice And Instant Coffee

Coffee is a drink that nearly everyone considers mandatory for having a great start to the day. But what if your coffee could do more than just wake you up?

There is increasing evidence that lemon juice can help with weight loss and many other health needs in the body. This means that people might be adding lemon juice to their instant coffee to help have a healthier day as well as a more productive day!

Lemon and Weight Loss


Lemon has long been associated with weight loss. Many people include lemon in the water that they drink all day to try to tap into the purported weight-loss benefits of this fruit. Lemon tastes great and it can certainly help you want to drink more water each day due to the taste.

Whether lemon has anything to do with the weight loss that people claim to see or whether they are just more hydrated and better able to enjoy healthy digestive processes remains to be seen. That being said, many people have decided recently that lemon should not just be added to water that is consumed throughout the day. Many people have now started adding lemon to their coffee as well.

What About Coffee and Weight Loss?


Coffee has for many years been considered a helpful boost to diet plans and weight loss goals. This is not so much based on any kind of real ingredient in the coffee that is making you lose weight but is likely due to the awake and energized feeling that you get from the caffeine in the coffee.

Coffee can have an appetite suppressant effect on some people, which might help them snack less with a cup of coffee in the middle of the day for example. Coffee is actually full of healthy things like antioxidants as well, so it is pretty good for you even without lemon squeezed into it. Instant coffees might not offer quite as much in the way of health benefits as freshly ground coffees, but the difference is likely negligible.

Lemon Has Other Health Benefits


There have been some studies done lately into the benefits of lemon for your health. These studies have shown that lemons do deliver as much as half of your daily needs for vitamin C and that they are high in fiber and can help with digestion. You will not gain the digestive benefits of the lemon without eating the actual fruit, but the juice can still add some vitamins to your morning coffee for you.

There is also some evidence that needs to be studied further, that lemon might have a positive impact on cholesterol when consumed daily for a period of time. This is one of the claims that has led to the connection between lemon and weight loss that is so prevalent today. It will be interesting to see if this claim can be backed by some science that will deliver a positive outcome for this claim.

Coffee is Consumed More Often Than Water


If you have been thinking about adding some lemon to your daily routine, the reality is that many people do not drink water during the day and only drink coffee. This is particularly true at work or when people are on the go running from errand to errand. Drinking water is often well down on the list of things that people make time for each day.

You might have to add lemon to your coffee since you will not be drinking any water during the day. This is probably a big part of why adding lemon to instant coffee started in the first place and if this is your daily reality, then it will probably be your best bet to get your lemon in for the day.

Health Benefits of Coffee


On the upside, even if lemon is not as healthy in its juice-only form as you might have been hoping, coffee is pretty healthy for you overall. Not only will coffee give you a good pick-me-up, but it will also deliver you a dose of antioxidants and fat-burning benefits. Coffee does actually boost your metabolic rate for a time after you consume it which can help support your weight loss goals in some situations.

Coffee is also able to deliver lots of great vitamins like B12, B5, and B3. You will also get access to manganese and potassium which is good for many necessary physical processes. There are many studies that show that coffee can help you to feel better over time and this is supported by the actual mineral and antioxidants content of the coffee beans themselves. While lemon might only impart a few good things to your coffee consumption, coffee is already doing some really good work supporting your health goals each day.

Coffee is a Great Start to the Day


No matter whether you add lemon juice to your coffee or enjoy it black, coffee is a really good way to start out any day. You will always get a good pick-me-up from a cup of coffee and most people love the way that it tastes. Coffee is also a really good way to get access to lots of minerals and antioxidants and you might also get some healthy fats into your diet when you add cream or other sweeteners to the coffee that you drink in the morning.

Lemon juice will not hurt you or your coffee although it does not add to the taste profile of the coffee in any beneficial way. Adding lemon to your coffee might not deliver the promised magical weight loss or health benefits that some people claim, but it does offer some key vitamins to your diet and there is no reason that you can’t add it to your coffee rather than your water bottle. Coffee and lemon have not traditionally been served together, but there is no reason that you cannot follow this trend if you want to add a little vitamin C to your coffee each morning.

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