9 Ways to Make Your Instant Coffee Taste Like Coffee From a Shop


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9 Ways to Make Your Home Instant Coffee Taste Like Coffee From a Coffee Shop

Have you ever wondered how you can make your coffee at home taste like those you buy in the store? With instant coffee you can do just that and never stand in lines for coffee again.

You can make all those fabulous drinks that you would find at your favorite coffee shop in the comfort of your own home. How cool is that?! All the espressos, frappes, and holiday drinks can be made at home in your PJs. Plus, you can save money while doing so!

With quality instant coffee like Waka Instant Coffee, you can make your coffee shop favorites easily. Here are some quick and easy remedies to do just that, all while sitting in front of the TV at home!


how to make coffee at home like in a coffee shop

Coffee shops all over the world have variations in the taste of the coffee. Some prefer one place over another because of the taste or the strength the brew has. Some places have only specialty drinks while others only do the regular joes. How can you get your cup of instant coffee at home to taste like that one in the store placed halfway down the menu?

The answer is simple -- customize your instant coffee with one of the item on the list to elevate your at-home coffee experience. Before we dive into the coffee additions, here are some basic things to remember: 

1. Instant coffee to water ratio: Typical coffee levels are 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee (based on preferences, the more there is the stronger it will be) per cup of coffee; filling the rest with water. If a stronger taste is desired additional coffee can be added. 

2. Water type: In terms of water being poured into the cup of coffee, filtered water should always be your preference. Not only does filtered water eliminates the risk of any toxins, it gives the coffee a purer taste. The best water temperature (cold or warm) will depend on your coffee drink of choice. 

3. The milk used: The last part of the basic remedy has to do with the milk that is used in the coffee. Coffee shops don’t use regular milk from a container, they use steamed milk. To make steamed milk at home for your instant coffee, pour some milk in a jar and shake. Once the milk is frothed, put the jar in the microwave for a few seconds; giving you that steamed milk consistency. For another instant coffee hack for steamed milk, watch this video!


Ok, now that you know the basic logistics for how to make the perfect cup of instant coffee, use these additions to make it taste like a coffee-shop coffee!


How to Make Coffee Just Like Your Local Coffee Shop

To mimic the foamy milk on top of your coffee-shop cappuccino, you can use different types of milk or plant based creamers.

You can add flavors such as French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, or Vanilla. You can buy flavored creamers or make one yourself using plain creamer and spices -- for example, using either a vanilla bean, sweetener, or a vanilla root. 

Instead of adding fatty milk to your brew, add a bit of flavored creamer to give it that little extra goodness. 


how to make good coffee at home


Most people think that honey can only be used to make something sweeter, but it does more than just sweetness. It enhances the flavors, pulling the rich tastes out, making you cup of joe more robust.

Use honey as flavor enhancer, organic sweeter substitute, or as a pretty decoration with a nice swirl on top of your favorite homemade Frappe 


make the best instant coffee at home

Have you even noticed the spice shakers next to the straws and napkins in your local coffee shop? Well, they include cinnamon! You can easily get some to store t home to elevate your homemade instant coffee!

When you’re done making your cup of coffee-shop style drink, add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg on top to spruce up the flavors. 

If you choose nutmeg, you can purchase a fresh one and grate it yourself at home or buy a powdered version that you can store in a shaker in your cabinet, just like they do at the coffee shop.

Unlike with cinnamon, where you pour it on top of the coffee, use nutmeg on the rim of your cup. Soak your cup with a bit of water before pouring your coffee in it and dip the rim in the nutmeg powder. Just like salt on the rim of your margarita! 


how to make barista coffee at home

Use whipped cream like a professional barista on top of your speciality homemade coffee. Add it on top of your warm or cold coffee drink for a great look and flavor.

Why burn your mouth with that hot coffee when you can add a whipped cream layer on top to cool it down? Or why not add additional sweetness and delicious flavor to your cup of joe? That fun swirl on top makes it look like a barista served you your drink, but in your kitchen!


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You’ve already got the whipped cream going in, why not give it a pop of color with some syrup on top. Take your favored flavor of syrup and make a decorative swirl on top. This is of course if you skipped the honey swirl (you don't want your coffee be a plain sugar drink).

There’s a variety of syrups all based on different preferences. There’s chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, raspberry syrup, caramel sauce, etc. You just need to choose what to serve in your coffee shop?


how to make gourmet coffee

Now that we have in our creamers, whipped cream, and syrups, finish it off with some crumbles. Top off those hand made frappes with some cookie pieces!

Crushed Oreos (or any hard cookie) and graham crackers make a great addition to the taste of your cold brew. Almost as if you were drinking an ice cream sundae! Just crumble the cookies with your hands (or in the blender to break the pieces) and then sprinkle on top of your whipped cream and syrup mix.


the most delicious instant coffee

Whether we like it or not, science is all around us, in all of our daily activities, including coffee. 

The newest trend that makes coffee shop coffee taste so good is nitrogen, or nitro for short. Coffee shops all over the country are adding nitro to their drinks. The point of the nitrogen is to insert small bubbles into the coffee that emit a creamy and rich flavor, one that doesn’t ruin the taste of the coffee; just enhances it. When nitro is added, the coffee has a thicker consistency and taste, essentially changing its flavor for the better. 

This drink is a bit more complicated to make at home, but still doable if nitro is your jam. You will need N2O whipped cream chargers to add the bubbles into your cold brew. Check out this full guide!


how to make coffee like barista with instant coffee

For the Holiday Season or just for a holiday-themed night, why not pumpkin-spice things up? Coffee shop holiday drinks are seasonal drinks that are only around at certain points in the year, but at home -- you decide when is holiday time!

It is pretty easy to make your homemade pumpkin spiced latte at home. You will need a pumpkin purée, sugar, pumpkin pie spices, and vanilla extract. Follow this easy recipe for more information. 

For the gingerbread spiced latter, you will need a mix of molasses, brown sugar, baking soda, ginger and cinnamon. Check out this recipe.


the best toppings to your instant coffee

You add them to hot chocolate, why wouldn’t you add them to your coffee too? Marshmallows are a great addition to a cup of coffee, especially when looking to remake that S’mores themed drink from your treasured coffee shop. Whether you add whole marshmallows or settle for marshmallow fluff, the overall taste will still give you that campfire experience.

For a s’mores effect, add marshmallows, graham cracker crumbles, and chocolate syrup to give you those memorable times from your childhood over the bonfire. Except now would be the grownup version since there is coffee and caffeine involved...

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