How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee On The Go


how to make coffee in a hotel room
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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee On The Go

If you’re a coffee lover, there’s no reason why you can’t take your coffee with you wherever you decide to go next.

Whether it’s a work trip with stays at hotels, road trips, or even camping, you don’t have to sacrifice the delicious taste of quality coffee.

Coffee as a Daily Ritual

Whether you’re an occasional or daily coffee drinker, a warm cup of joe can be a great way to wake up and start your day. Not only does it contain caffeine to help improve your attention and concentration, but just the smell of coffee can put you in a better mood.

The heterocyclic compounds found in coffee influences both the aroma and taste, which triggers memories and good feelings. So, it’s no wonder waking up with a cup of coffee in the mornings might start your day on a good note.

What About Hotel Coffee?

What is the best way to make coffee while camping

Some might think that an easy way to brew a cup of coffee while traveling is using the coffee maker at the hotel. But, this might not be the best idea.

Not only do hotels usually have awful tasting coffee, but who knows how often they are thoroughly cleaned the coffee maker. In fact, a study of hotel coffee makers by the University of Valencia showed the presence of bacterial communities in all of the examined coffee machines.

Rather than leaving yourself to the mercy of questionable hotel coffee, bringing your own easy coffee can be a better option for your daily routine.

Popular Methods of Brewing Coffee On The Go

So is it possible to have the perfect cup of coffee even while you’re not in the comforts of your own home? Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to brew your own delicious cup of coffee while on the go.

No matter if you’re traveling by car, camping, or even staying in hotels, there are various options for you to choose from. Here are just some popular methods you can use to make coffee when on the go.

1. French Press

good camping coffee hacks

The french press is a type of portable brewing device that uses a plunger to extract coffee grounds. You can easily use a french press at home or pack a smaller version in your luggage as a travel coffee maker on your trips.

To make coffee using a french press, you first add coffee grounds into the press. Then boil the water (the amount is based on your desired coffee quantity and the device's capacity), pour a bit over the grounds, and let it rest to “bloom” for about a minute.

After one minute, pour the rest of the hot water into the press, and let it sit for another three minutes to sleep. Then slowly press the plunger of the press down, pour your freshly made coffee in a mug, and enjoy!


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Not too bulky and can be easily carried around on different types of travel
  • Creates a strong tasting coffee


  • Coffee grounds can be steeped for too long as the coffee can be left in the press even after pushing the plunger down
  • Sediment isn’t completely filtered out
  • Can make only one to two cups at a time

2. Travel Press

A travel press is essentially a french press and a mug in one. It’s super easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is add in coffee grounds and hot water, steep it for a bit, press the plunger down, and your coffee is ready.


  • 2 in 1 product so no need to bring any extra mugs
  • Easy to carry around while traveling
  • Creates a strong tasting coffee


  • Easy to over extract as coffee grounds continuously sit at the bottom of the mug
  • There’s some sediment in coffee that can’t be completely filtered out
  • Can only make one cup at a time

3. Aeropress

camping coffee packets

    An aeropress is a lightweight and durable coffee brewing equipment that uses pressure to extract coffee from the grounds. It’s similar to a french press in that it also uses a plunger type of extraction process.

    To use an aeropress, you first need to place a filter into the cap and add coffee grounds into the chamber. Then, pour hot water into the coffee grounds and stir for 30 seconds. After, add in the rest of your water and let it sit to steep for about 2-3 minutes. When time is up, place the chamber over a cup, insert the plunger, and push down to extract the brew into your cup.


    • Makes rich and smooth coffee
    • No sediments in the brew
    • Durable and lightweight equipment
    • Can make coffee for multiple people


    • Takes some practice to get used to the equipment
    • Has a few loose pieces that can be easily lost

    4. Single-Cup Coffee Filter

      The single-cup coffee filters are reusable stainless steel or mesh filters that can be put on top of a cup to easily make drip coffee. This can be a great option for campers or those who are limited in luggage space.

      To use this filter, place the filter onto your preferred cup, fill it with coffee grounds, and pour a bit of hot water into it and let it sit for 30 seconds to “bloom.” Afterwards, you simply consistently pour hot water over the grounds to extract your coffee. Once done, remove the filer and enjoy your cup of hot joe. 


      • Reusable filters don’t require paper filters
      • Filter keeps the grounds separate so there isn’t any sediment in the coffee
      • Easy clean up
      • The filter is durable and can be easily taken around


      • Only makes one cup at a time
      • The filter doesn’t pack flat
      • Some pouring technique might be needed to get the best brew

      5. Moka Pot

        A moka pot is great for those who enjoy a strong coffee and espressos. This is a stove top or electrical device that uses pressurized water flowing through the coffee grounds to create a stovetop espresso. To make your brewed coffee, you first add boiling water to the bottom part of the pot and fill the filter basket with coffee grounds.

        Put the parts together and place it on the stove or open flame at medium heat. Wait for a hissing and bubbling sound which tells you your brew is ready! Take it off the heat, pour it in a cup, and enjoy.


        • Makes a strong tasting coffee
        • Can make coffee for multiple people
        • Not technique needed


        • Bulky and not easy to pack while traveling
        • Can take some trial and error to get the boiling water at the correct temperature

        6. Percolator

        Instant Coffees for Backpacking

          A percolator is a pot where boiling water continuously moves upwards in a kettle through the coffee grounds to extract them. It is similar to the moka pot, but rather than using pressurized water, a percolator simply uses boiling water. This results in a cup of coffee that isn’t as concentrated.

          To make coffee using a percolator, you first remove the tube and basket insert. Then. fill the kettle halfway with water, and add coffee grounds to the basket.

          Next, reassemble the tube and basket to the kettle and place it on top of a heat source. Let it boil for 4-6 minutes, then remove from the heat, and pour yourself a delicious cup of coffee. 


          • Easy to use with no technique needed
          • Can make coffee for groups depending on the size of the percolator
          • Simple clean up process as grounds are kept in the filter
          • Makes rich tasting coffee


          • Bulky and not easy to pack while traveling
          • Can easily over extract coffee if left on the stove for too long

          7. Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

          If you’re looking for ways to brew coffee while camping, a coffee brew pipe kit is another simple way to do this. This kit consists of a small copper pipe, stainless steel filter, thermometer, and torch.

          To use this, you place the stainless steel filter into the body of the pipe, add coffee grinds to the bottom, and add water to the top. Then you use the torch to heat the bottom of the pipe until the water temperature reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this is done, set the pipe onto the holder to cool down to around 140 degrees. When it has cooled, you can then enjoy your delicious coffee!


          • Makes a delicious tasting coffee
          • Small and portable with no kettle needed


          • Contains a few moving parts that can be easily lost
          • Requires a bit of technique and practice to get the perfect brew
          • Only makes one shot of coffee at a time

          8. Collapsible Coffee Cup

            A collapsible coffee cup is a lightweight and foldable coffee drip. It’s similar to the single-cup coffee filter except that it’s a lot more portable since it can be folded and packed flat.

            To use this drip cup, you simply place the coffee drip on top of a mug, place a filter into it, and add your coffee grounds. Then pour a bit of water over the grounds and let it sit to bloom. Once that is done, pour the rest of your hot water over the grounds to extract.


            • Lightweight and can pack flat
            • No sediments in your coffee brew
            • Easy clean up since coffee grounds stay in the filter


            • Filter needed to use
            • Only makes one cup of coffee at a time
            • Some pouring technique might be needed for the best brew

            9. Quality Instant Coffee

            How do you take coffee when camping

              Quality instant coffee for traveling is the simplest and fastest brew method of all other ones. Not only that, but it won’t take up much space or weight in your traveling bag or luggage. So how to make instant coffee? All you need to do is add the coffee crystals into hot or cold water, mix until fully dissolved, and enjoy! 


              • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around
              • No technique is needed
              • No extra equipment like a filter or gadget is needed
              • There is no clean up involved since the coffee crystals easily dissolve


              • Quality instant coffee is often pricier
              • Some instant coffees might lack characteristics of ground coffee

              10. Brew in Coffee Cup

                You can easily brew your own coffee right in your cup while on the go by using a type of coffee filter. This filter is a durable stainless steel mesh that you can put directly into your cup. To make this, all you need to do is add coffee grounds into the filter, put it into your mug, and add hot water. 


                • Small and lightweight
                • Easy to use and no technique is needed
                • No paper filters necessary


                • Brews only one cup at a time
                • Doesn’t give the best brew flavor

                11. Portable Espresso Maker

                  If strong coffee and espresso shots are your preferred coffee type, then a portable espresso maker could be a great option for you. So how does this work? While a regular espresso machine would use electricity for the extraction process, the portable ones rely on hand power.

                  To use a portable espresso maker, all you need to do is add coffee grounds to the basket, add hot water to the tanks, and put it all together. Then you simply just pump the handle a few times until coffee starts to come out.


                  • Can make a decent espresso shot
                  • Decently small and light enough to easily pack and carry around
                  • No filters required


                  • Only makes one espresso shot at a time
                  • Includes a few parts that need to be assembled every time you make it

                  12. Cowboy Coffee

                  The Best Coffee for Backpacking

                    If you’re an avid coffee drinker, there is no need to go without on your camping or backpacking trip. So how to make coffee while camping? While bringing your instant coffee traveling kit from Waka Coffee is an easy and lightweight option, making a Cowboy Coffee can also work.

                    This is one of the easiest methods of making coffee while hiking or camping. All you need is a pot, water, coffee grounds, and a stove or fire. To make a Cowboy Coffee,  you simply boil water in a pot, take it off the heat and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then stir in your coffee grounds according to your own taste and let it rest for a few minutes. 


                    • No technique is needed and is easy to make
                    • You can easily make coffee for a group of people
                    • No extra equipment like filters are needed


                    • The coffee grounds sediment is left in the coffee which can create a thick consistency
                    • There is clean up involved since the coffee grounds don’t dissolve
                    • It can be easy to accidentally over extract the grounds

                    While there are plenty of options to how you can make the perfect cup of coffee on the go, which one was your favorite? If you prefer the quickest, no fuss way to get your morning caffeine, the best option would be quality instant coffee. Waka Coffee features high quality, freeze-dried instant coffee you can easily bring with you wherever you decide to travel to next!


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