What is a Moka Pot?


what is a moka pot
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What is a Moka Pot?

Moka Pot:

how to make coffee in moka pot 

Moka Pot is a method of brewing coffee that changes the flavor of the coffee and makes it stronger. The taste of coffee made with a Moka Pot is similar to that of an espresso, although it produces a higher taste. Extracted at lower pressures than an espresso, moka coffee is considered to have different characteristics and flavorings than its counterpart espresso.  

The flavor of the coffee that is made in a Moka Pot is dependent on multiple attributes of the coffee bean that was used. Typical attributes of the coffee bean include the type of coffee bean, how much the bean was roasted, how fine they were grinded, and its water and heat ratios.


The Moka Pot is a coffee maker that can be either electrical or a stove-top. This pot brews coffee by passing boiled water that is pressurized by steam through the ground coffee. The weighted value of the Moka pot regulates the pressure of the water boiling through the nozzle, altering the flavor of the coffee for the better. The Moka Pot works in a similar way to how a pressure cooker slowly cooks food.

Most Moka Pots are made out of Aluminum and Bakelite for its handles. On rare occasions, the pot can be made out of stainless steel as well. The Moka Pot comes in many different sizes, ranging from 2 fl - 25 fl.


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Although it seems like an ordinary kettle where you just boil the water, brewing coffee in a Moka pot is far more complicated than that. It requires multiple steps to assemble in order to get your typical cup of coffee. 

Steps to make brewed coffee using a stove-top Moka Pot:

  1. Boil water and fill the bottom half of your Moka Pot with the boiled water
  2. Fill the filter basket of the pot with ground coffee
  3. Shake to settle the coffee grounds, place on the bottom part of the pot
  4. Screw the top part of the Moka Pot on (hold cautiously as the bottom may be hot)
  5. Place Moka Pot on a stove on medium heat
  6. Wait for a hissing and bubbling sound, this specifies that your brew is ready (overflowing pots indicate that the water is too hot and should be lowered, bubbling indicates that the flame is too low and should be raised)
  7. Pour into a standard sized cup and enjoy!

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