What is Third Wave Coffee?


what is third waver coffee and how to make it
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What is Third Wave Coffee?

Third Wave Coffee:

what is the story behind the third wave coffee

Third Wave Coffee is the third installment amongst waves of coffee whose goal is to achieve high quality coffee. This movement classifies coffee as being as artisanal as tea, wine, and chocolate are. The wave views coffee as a milestone to the food world rather than as a commodity. The focus of this wave is to ensure that the coffee is at its best quality at all levels of production.

 Bringing coffee into mainstream consumption

 Coffee as a ritual and speciality drink

 Finest quality based on origin and method of preparation.

In the Third Wave, the coffee beans are carefully watched throughout the production phase to ensure that they are being given the best quality of care to create the most flavorful brews. In terms of appreciating the coffee, Third Wave Coffee is the highest honor to be given to coffee (that is until the Fourth Wave arrives of course); it is the utmost level of culinary appreciation. This wave causes others to appreciate the individual tastes, aromas, and flavors of the coffee and puts great emphasis on the story and origin of the beans. The Third Wave classifies coffee as being a part of the speciality coffee world, producing exceptionally good quality coffee. 


If anything, the The Third Wave is the best thing to come to the coffee world since the discovery of coffee! It allowed individuals to grasp a better taste of all the different flavors that coffee has to offer. As each stage was improved in the coffee production, drinkers were able to taste the true meaning of what artisanal coffee is and what it means to be a specialty coffee producer. It gives more emphasis to the origin of the beans and the way they go from the farm to your cup.

The Third Wave also brought other criteria to the coffee industry, such as light roast coffees, non-blended coffees, direct-trade coffee, and visual aesthetics aka latte art. 

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