make diamond iced latte recipe
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How to Make the Viral Diamond Iced Latte

Here is another viral latte recipe you need to try at home. The Diamond Iced Latte is pretty, easy to make and delicious.

tiktok diamond latte recipe

The trend of shaped iced cubes has taken over social media. This beautiful latte uses diamond shaped iced cubes that can be easily purchased on Amazon.


how to make diamond iced coffee

make diamond iced latte like on tiktok


  1. Mix warm water and instant coffee, until all granules are fully dissolved.
  2. Pour mixture into the ice cube tray and freeze over night.
  3. Place ice cubes in a cup.
  4. In a separate cup or jar froth milk of your choice using a hand frother.
  5. Pour frothed milk over ice cubes and enjoy!


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