How to Know if You Are a Coffee Snob?


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How to Know if You Are a Coffee Snob?

Are you very particular about your coffee? Here are a few telltale signs that you might be a coffee snob.

By definition, a coffee snob is someone who cares deeply about what kind of coffee they are drinking. Coffee snobs judge their beverage based on quality and taste, and they want won’t settle for fast, cheap coffee from any grocery store or a fast-food chain. 

Based on this description, if you’re still confused about whether or not you’re considered a coffee snob, here are a few distinct signs that determine if you are really considered one or not! 

1. You drink coffee at least once a day (or more)

Signs That You're A Coffee Snob

A coffee snob must have their cup of joe every single day without fail. A big sign that you might be a coffee snob is if you don’t get to drink your coffee one day, and it takes a toll on your mood and energy for the whole day.

If you become a totally different person without having your daily dose of caffeine, you might be considered a coffee addict! Coffee snobs not only like to have their fill of one cup a day, but they also might be drinking more than one cup a day. Maybe even two, three, or even four...

2. You read and research about coffee

what is a coffee snob

Coffee isn’t just something a coffee snob drink, but it is truly an art form. A true coffee snob will take delight in researching further about different kinds of coffee, all ranging from the best, high-quality coffee to the worst quality coffee.

A coffee snob not only reads about the latest coffee trends, but they know the deep history behind its origin. If you know the origin, history, traditions, cultures, and varieties surrounding the different types of coffee, you’re deep into the world of coffee.

3. You’re on the hunt for high-quality coffee

what is the best instant coffee

A true coffee lover will never settle for a quick coffee if it compromises flavor and quality. You can for sure almost never find a true coffee snob visiting a fast food chain for their dose of caffeine.

However, one thing you can be sure of is to find a coffee snob at a refined cafe or coffee shop that is renowned for its high quality, prestigious coffee. A coffee snob doesn’t mind sparing a few hefty dollars on a good cup of coffee. 

4. A barista knows your name and exact order

do this if you are a coffee snob

If you have a regular coffee shop you visit and a barista who knows your name and exact order each time, you’re a coffee snob.

It only takes a few days for the barista to memorize your name and figure out your same coffee order. If that happens, you know you’re more than just a regular at the local coffee shop.

5. You go out of your way to visit certain cafes or coffee shops

what is the bet coffee in the entire world

A coffee snob is adventurous and is constantly on the lookout for new, trendy coffee shops! You thoroughly research the web to discover which coffee shops are serving the most legitimate beans, or if they’re just serving cheap coffee. A coffee snob definitely does their research! 

6. You know and understand coffee lingo

Quiz: Are You a Coffee Snob?

A real coffee snob knows every single detail in regards to coffee -- including its lingo. If you immediately hear Arabica or Robusta and know exactly what is being spoken about, you’re definitely a coffee snob.

An even better telltale sign is if you truly know all the differences between an americano, latte, cappuccino, cafe breve, flat white, and the list goes on and on -- you’re a coffee snob. It doesn’t stop here, but do you know also what a Gesha is?

7. You’ve been to at least one “cupping”

how to taste the best instant coffee

What in the world is a cupping? A coffee cupping is basically a coffee taste test.

You get the chance to taste and smell a plethora of brewed coffee. It is typically performed by professionals in order to find the most aromatic, delicious coffee, but it can also be done by nonprofessionals.

If you’ve been to any kind of coffee tasting event because you genuinely love smelling and tasting a variety of coffee, consider yourself a coffee snob. 

8. You have a section dedicated only to coffee in your home

the best coffee for home setting

If you have a whole section in your house dedicated to a mini coffee bar, you’re guilty of being a coffee snob!

If you have the whole organizer for different types of utensils like cups, lids, creamers, and napkins, you’re hooked onto coffee. You have this bar in your home not only for you to enjoy, but you want others to also enjoy the pleasure of drinking superb coffee. Preferably under your supervision, of course. 

9. You have a collection of coffee supplies at home

what is the best coffee connoisseur trait

Another sign of being a coffee addict is displayed when you actually collect different coffee utensils and supplies in your own home.

If you have any of the unique coffee items listed below, consider yourself a coffee lover! 

For example, bags of different types of aromatic coffee beans, a ceramic dripper, french press, scale, hand mill, cupping spoon, or a whole cupboard full of delicate, beautiful cups to serve your coffee in.

People who aren’t as obsessed with coffee typically do not have those kinds of utensils in their homes, so if you do... Congrats, you are coffee snob. 

10. You bring your own coffee supplies when camping or backpacking

bring instant coffee your on a backpacking trip

A big sign indicating whether you’re a coffee snob or not is when you travel to new places or explore the outdoors, and actually carry your own coffee supplies with you.

You also know you’re a coffee snob when you inherently hesitate and panic overtakes your body over the thought of going to a different country, city, or state and trying new coffee. 

These are just a few signs of a coffee snob, and if you have two to three of these characteristics, habits, and obsessions, you fall right in the category of being a coffee snob. But, don’t worry, it’s definitely not a bad thing for us.


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