Would You Drink Coffee in the Shower?


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Would You Drink Coffee in the Shower?

Rushing through your morning? Feeling like you don't even have enough time for coffee and shower? Maybe you should try doing both at the same time.

Coffee in the morning is like brushing your teeth, you make a fresh pot on instant. As innately accustomed you are to washing-up in the morning, you are to having that cup of coffee as well. If a cup of coffee is not the first thing on your mind the second you wake up, it definitely is when you walk through those work doors.

“How will I get through this day?” or “I will fall asleep during that meeting” are often phrases that cross our minds at least once a day. The solution to these problems? Coffee! 

can you drink coffee while showering

As part of the hectic morning ritual, most people need coffee to help drag themselves out of bed. There is a reason the smell of a fresh pot wakes us up momentarily. Just like the need for coffee, some people need a morning shower to get themselves up and going for the day.

The only downside to a morning shower is having to wake up even earlier to leave time for that shower. But, there never seems to be enough time to take a shower and drink a full cup of coffee together. It’s always one or the other, the coffee or the shower - how do you pick? read this and maybe you could do both!

What does coffee in the shower really mean?

In the simplest of terms, it is coffee that you drink WHILE you are in the shower. Yes that’s right, sip out of that hot mug filled with coffee goodness all while you are washing yourself up for the day ahead. As you’re lathering yourself up with soap or waiting for your conditioner to sit in, take a sip (or gulps) of coffee.

At first this might sound like an insane idea. Why would you drink your coffee in the shower when there are so many things that can go wrong with it? The coffee could spill all over you, shower water can fall in the mug (yuck. shampoo with coffee.), or it would be hard to multitask showering and drinking at the same time. Where would the mug even sit? Does it go on the bathtub, with the bottles of soap?

Your coffee in the shower tips

is it ok to drink coffee in the shower

For those of you bold enough to try coffee in the shower, here are some tips that will help make your life a little easier! We don't recommend trying any of this at home, but if you do decide to try it you are doing it at your own risk.

  • Don’t use a ceramic mug - accidents happen!
  • If you can, cover your coffee - you don’t want shower water in your coffee
  • Use a straw - for easy access when there is soap in your eyes and you can’t see
  • Place the mug on a reachable leveled ledge - very careful not to slip on the slippery floor while reaching your mug (better to leave it outside the bathtub)
  • No ledge inside the shower? Easy! - place your mug on the toilet top
  • Add some music to your shower coffee - for that oh so sweet multi-level experience

Coffee and a hot bath

A glass of wine and a hot bath are the picture perfect dream of relaxation. The bath and the wine both are helping you unwind after a stressful day. Now instead, imagine a picture of you in a hot bath with hot or iced quality coffee!

Since there’s never actually enough time in the morning routine to enjoy a bubble bath, leave those soapy times for the night time hours. Instead of having a giant glass of wine next to you while you indulge in your bath, have a coffee with you to help gain that second wind that’s needed later on. 

Can instant coffee be used for shower coffee? Of course it can!

what is the best instant coffee

If instant coffee is your go-to coffee in the morning, don’t let that be forgotten! Brew yourself a cup of instant coffee and pour it in to your favorite mug and bring it with you for your shower. If anything, by using instant coffee for your shower coffee it will give you more time than not.

With instant, there will be less time spent focusing on how long the coffee is brewed for so you can take longer showers. More time to enjoy your shower coffee? Sounds like heaven in a cup to us!

So, is coffee in the shower something you would give a try?


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