Coffee 101: Frappe Coffee vs. Iced Coffee


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Coffee 101: Frappe Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

With all the summer coffee drinks available, it can get difficult to figure out what makes each one special. These are the differences between a frappe and an iced coffee.

What is Iced Coffee?


If you’re thinking that iced coffee is exactly as it sounds... then you’re right! Iced coffee is usually a name for coffee that is served with ice in a cup. However, the term “iced coffee” is a loose general term for the way and how you drink coffee. It refers to any coffee and ice mixture, no matter the type of brewing or pouring method used.

How to Make Iced Coffee


Despite what people may initially think, there are various ways to make iced coffee. So how do you make it, and which method is the best for your coffee preferences? Let’s talk about a few ways you can try making iced coffee at home.

1. Coffee Over Ice

The first method is the simplest way to make iced coffee, and how many first started making theirs. For this method all you need to do is brew your normal cup of coffee or make your instant cup of coffee. Once that is finished, you just pour it over ice to cool it down. However, one downside to this method is that the ice melting from the hot coffee can dilute the flavor.

2. Flash Brew

A second method to easily make your iced coffee at home is using the flash brewed method. It is similar to the first method but rather than brewing coffee first and then adding ice, the flash brew method is when you brew coffee directly over ice. With this method, the drops of coffee liquid are instantly cooled on ice. Similarly, the downside to this is potentially diluting the coffee if the ice melts. In order to prevent this, you can cut the amount of brewing water.

3. Iced Instant Coffee

The last and most convenient option to making iced coffee at home is using instant coffee. Unlike the other two methods, you can easily create a great tasting iced coffee without worry of ending up with a diluted drink. All you need to do is brew a cup of high quality instant coffee using cold water and then pour it over ice.

What is a Frappe Coffee?


Now that we know what an iced coffee is and the various ways you can easily make it at home, what is a frappe coffee? The name of the coffee drink refers to the way it is made. The word “frappe” is a French word meaning to beat or shake.

So what is in a frappe? While there are plenty of forms of the coffee, depending on the shop that makes it or according to someone’s personal preference, the original frappe comes from Greece. The Greek version is a simple recipe that uses instant coffee, cold water, ice cubes, and sugar.

In this recipe, you can also use cold milk instead of water if you prefer a creamier drink. These ingredients are then mixed or shaken together using a hand shaker or mixer until the drink becomes foamy. It is then served over iced and enjoyed!

How to Make a Frappe Coffee


So is frappe coffee just as easy to make at home as iced coffee is? The answer is yes! You can easily make your own frappe at home and even customize it to fit your taste preferences. All you need to do is mix two teaspoons of premium instant coffee into cold water or cold milk, add sugar to taste, and ice cubes. You can then place this mixture into a cocktail shaker or blender and mix it until it becomes frothy in texture. Now all that is left to do is enjoy!

Iced Coffee vs. Frappe Coffee


While iced coffee and frappe coffee may seem similar, there are a few distinct differences between the two. The biggest difference between iced coffee and a frappe is that in its basic form, iced coffee is served black over ice.

On the other hand, a basic frappe recipe already includes sugar and even milk, if water is not used. In addition, an iced coffee is a mix of ice and coffee while a frappe can be blended and results in an icy or frothy type of coffee.

Despite these differences, the biggest similarity between an iced coffee and frappe coffee is that both can be customized to your preferred taste! This includes adding in your favorite type of milk or creamer, or even adding in flavored syrups such as vanilla or mocha. The customizations are endless and both types of drinks can be made in so many different ways! So which type of summer day coffee is your favorite?

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