staying young due to drinking coffee is it true?
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Will Drinking Coffee Help You Age Slower?

It has long been a rumor that coffee can fight the signs of aging and help you and your skin look younger. But is that the case?

Coffee is a beverage enjoyed by a ton of people around the world. In fact, Americans drink hundreds of millions of cups of coffee each and every day. People drink it in the morning, in the afternoon and some even at night. Some people buy their coffee from shops, make it in a pot or even on the stove.

Many people drink it for the energy it provides, and some just love the taste. But there are other reasons why the masses love coffee so much, as well. It has long been a rumor that coffee can even fight the signs of aging and help you and your skin look younger. But is that the case? Can drinking coffee really help you look younger? 

Can Drinking Coffee Help You Look Younger?

is drinking coffee healthy for you

The quick answer is “kind of.” Drinking coffee, thanks to the caffeine inside of it, has been shown to reduce inflammation, which becomes more common as people get older. In reality, however, drinking coffee as most of us do isn’t going to make us look any younger and reduce the signs of aging. With that being said, caffeine, which is one of the main ingredients in coffee, can actually help your skin look younger. 

Caffeine, when used topically in a skincare product or wash, has been shown to have several benefits to our skin. First of all, it can reduce harmful UV damage from the sun. This can greatly reduce the discoloration and wrinkles that many people may deal with after prolonged sun exposure. Caffeine also can help treat certain skin irritations and because of the fact it is a diuretic, can help to reduce swelling on the body and face.

Caffeine also has many antioxidants, which have been shown in some cases to slow down how visually quickly a person will age. Of course, all of these effects and benefits won’t be enjoyed 100% of the time as no substance is perfect, individual results may vary.

Other Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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So while drinking coffee itself won’t likely make your skin look younger, caffeine can, there is nothing wrong with drinking coffee in moderation, even if the act of drinking it won’t really help you appear any younger. There are several other health benefits of coffee that make it worthwhile to drink in many cases.

These include:

  • Drinking coffee can help you burn fat and increase physical performance.
  • Coffee can lower your risk for many diseases and ailments like diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, strokes and others.
  • Coffee contains several important and vital nutrients.
  • Drinking coffee has shown to be helpful in the fight against depression and helping people be happier.

Caffeine Creams to Try

1. Caffeine Eye Cream for Wrinkles by 100% Pure 

the best coffee cream to make you feel younger

From the brand:

This cream is made with stimulating green coffee, coffee cherry, and green tea to perk up peepers and boost circulation in the tired eye area.

Three sources of pure caffeine make this eye cream a morning multitasker for tired eyes. Also added are anti-aging vitamins, hydrating aloe, and nourishing rosehip oil to promote a more youthful eye area. 

Notable Amazon review:

"I don’t believe that eye creams will magically make your dark circles and fine lines disappear so purchase your eye cream with that in mind! I think of them more as a gentle moisturizer suitable for your under eye area that will be preventative overtime. I personally love this eye cream for that purpose, it has helped to reduce puffiness and leaves my under eye area moisturized for a perfect base for my concealer to not cake up or crack. This eye cream has worked so well for me and has not irritated my very sensitive skin/eyes and it has a killer price point!"  Robert & Celeste Mason

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2. Dermo-Expertise Eye Defense Eye Cream by L'Oreal Paris

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From the brand:

Under eye cream with Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid is formulated to defend against signs of pre-mature aging around the eyes.

Notable Amazon review:

"My friends and I call this "eye caffeine" for good reason. As law school students we have many sleepless nights that end up with us sitting in class with horrible bags, "raccoon" black shade around our eyes, and barely able to keep them open. A little bit of this cream (and a little bit goes a long way!) feels like the best thing in the world, like putting a burn under cool water. Reduces puffiness and darkness around eyes as well." S. Buss

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While coffee isn’t a miracle drug that can cure all problems and immediately make you healthy, it does have several important benefits to our health, bodies, and mind. Drinking coffee itself may not help fight the signs of aging, but caffeine in skincare products can in some cases.


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