Coffee 101: Does Coffee Go Bad?

As a coffee drinker, you are probably wondering -- does coffee expire or go bad? Or how long does coffee last for? Here are the answers.

does coffee go bad in fridge

How Long Does Each Coffee Type Last For?

Depending on the type of coffee you prefer, whether it is whole coffee beans, coffee ground, or instant coffee, its shelf life can vary. Whole coffee beans lasts for about 9 months and ground coffee has a shorter life span of about 5 months. For the instant coffee lovers, Waka Coffee is good for about 24 months with proper storage.

How to Store Coffee

While the shelf-life of coffee can largely be based on how it is made and processed, the storage of coffee also plays a large role in how long your coffee stays fresh. This is because proper storage means maintaining the quality of your coffee for as long as possible. So while you can start off by buying quality coffee or premium instant coffee, the main things to keep in mind when storing your coffee is to keep it away from air, moisture, heat, and light. This is because exposure to these elements can quickly either ruin your coffee or cause the natural aromas of your coffee to dissipate.

how long can black coffee sit out at room temperature

To keep your coffee away from airflow, you can transfer your coffee grounds or beans into an airtight container to prevent oxidation. Storing your coffee in a cupboard away from the stove area is also a good way to keep heat and light away. In order to avoid moisture, it is best to keep your coffee away from the fridge or freezer.

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Freezing Coffee

Although people may store their coffee in the freezer believing it keeps it fresher for longer, freezing coffee is still a highly debated topic with people advocating for both sides. Those who are for storing your coffee in the freezer believe that freezing coffee beans before grinding it can create a finer grind. However, it has not been proven to have a significant difference compared to regular coffee grounds.

how long does brewed coffee last in the fridge

People who argue against freezing coffee sate that the extra moisture from the freezer can ruin the coffee. This moisture can be as a result of the container the coffee is stored in not being completely sealed and airtight, or from the freezing, thawing, and refreezing process the coffee goes through when you take it out to brew. Additionally, since coffee has the tendency to absorb odors and smells, there is a possibility of it absorbing the different smells in your freezer and change the taste of your daily coffee.

At the end of the day, there has not been enough studies to prove that freezing coffee has its claimed benefits. So whether you choose to freeze or not is based on your own personal preference. However, we would suggest that you don’t risk the potential of having extra moisture ruining your coffee and recommend storing it in a cupboard or cabinet (especially if you use you instant coffee - no need to freeze it)!

What to do with Expired Coffee

 how long does instant coffee last

If you find yourself with too many opened coffees or even bought too much for one person to finish, you’ll probably end up with some expired bags. But no need to worry because you can still put expired coffee to good use! We have talked about how to use coffee in different ways besides drinking it in a previous blog, but here are a few ways you can put your expired coffee to good use!

1. Exfoliating scrub

Rather than buying a body scrub, coffee grounds can be a good way to get rid of dead skin cells. Don’t waste your expired coffee and bring some with you while you shower for some smooth skin! However, remember to keep a drain catcher in your drain to catch all the coffee grounds for an easy post shower clean up.

2. Nutrients for your plants

Coffee doesn’t just benefit our bodies, but the antioxidants and nutrients found in coffee can also help revive your plants! All you need to do is mix coffee ground or granules into the soil for your plant and watch them thrive.

3. Cat repellent

If you have unwanted stray cats coming into your yard to “do their business” or mess with your plants, coffee is an easy way to keep them away. Cats don’t like the smell of coffee so all you need to do is to sprinkle coffee grounds into the dirt of your garden and stray cats will keep away!

4. Deodorizer

Since coffee has the tendency to absorb smells and odors, it is a good way to remove unwanted smells in your refrigerator or sink. All you need to do is to put open containers of coffee grounds or beans in the fridge and let it do its work! To clear your sink of smells, simply pour brewed coffee down the drain or if you have expired instant coffee, just throw in the coffee granules down the drain and run the water.

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