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the best coffee containers to buy on Amazon
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The 10 Best Coffee Storage Items on Amazon [Updated 2020]

You just bought the best coffee (or instant coffee) you could find, but how will you store it? Check out the best coffee containers your can easily buy on Amazon.

best ground coffee storage container

To make the best cup of coffee you need to start with quality coffee beans or a premium instant coffee, then store it properly to maximize freshness and flavor. Storing your coffee correctly will also ensure you can enjoy it all they way until its expiration date. As an example, The National Coffee Association recommends keeping the beans airtight and cool. 

While different types of coffee have different shelf lives, it is usually recommended to consume ground coffee within 3 months after opening your coffee bag or 6 months for whole beans. Waka instant coffee has a shelf life of 2 years when stored in a dry, room temperature environment. 

The first detail to properly storing your coffee is to transfer it to an airtight container or a coffee bag with a one-way valve. By keeping your opened bag of coffee in these type of containers, you are able to keep airflow and oxygen from reaching it. Oxygen causes the coffee to oxidize and age faster. This means that the aroma and flavor of your coffee will deplete at a faster rate. There are plenty of special vacuum-sealed containers and airtight containers made especially for coffee to suit your needs!

best ground coffee storage container

The next part to storing your coffee involves three elements: moisture, heat, and light. These three components are coffee’s ultimate downfall. This is because all of them lead to either ruined beans or flavorless and stable coffee. Because of this, it is important to keep your coffee in a place away from heat and light, such as your cupboard. While some experts think freezing your coffee is a good solution, the easiest way to keep moisture away is not storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. Want to learn more if you should freeze your coffee? Read this article.

To prevent your coffee from tasting stale or making sure it won't get moisture or even mold, store your coffee the right way using a quality coffee container. Here are some options.

The 10 Best Coffee Storage Containers


This container has a patented system, which creates a partial vacuum seal and keeps coffee fresher for longer time. It was specifically designed for 1 pound (16 oz) of coffee, but tea people can use it as well as it will hold 10 to 16 oz of tea leaves. 

The company indicates that it preserves coffee or tea for 1 year and beyond by allowing products to breath and degas. It comes in 13 styles and NSF & FDA compliant. 

the best coffee canisters to buy on amazon

Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault

This air-tight container will keep your coffee's rich flavor intact. The coffee bean canister features a BPA-free polymer lid that forms an airtight seal, keeping your coffee beans fresh and allowing them to retain their fullest flavor. Not only does this coffee canister keep air out, the included Friis freshness valves also help to vent Co2 gases and keep them away from your coffee bean supply.

You will get a one year supply of the freshness valves included when you purchase the coffee container. You will also get a measuring spoon, a detailed instruction manual and an "Art of Flavor" booklet. Just like the previous container, this one will also hold 16 oz of coffee.

how to store my coffee at home

Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

As you know, coffee naturally emits co2 gases which need to be vented away. This zero-BPA canister also has innovative freshness valves to release the co2 but lock out oxygen. While this canister is probably more expensive than some of the competition, the brand is quite confident in its quality. They offer a 100% confidence guarantee if you don't like the product. 

One of their reviewers was raving about her last purchase: "I wish I had purchased this a long time ago! I’ve tried many different storage options for my coffee grounds and nothing was as airtight as this. Grinding beans everyday creates the best cup of coffee but the extra step is a hassle. This storage container makes the coffee taste just like it was freshly ground."

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EVAK premium airtight coffee storage 

Evak is a patented, fully functional innovative coffee container. Just push down on the lid and the air is evacuated from the container. The Evak lid has a twin valve system that allows air to be released, while keeping the container firmly closed off. No switches, pumps or levers needed and best yet, valves never need replacing.

Glass is dishwasher safe and stainless cap and lid are hand wash for best care and longevity. It now won 4 Internationally recognized awards for its cosmetic design and its practical functionality. It comes in 3 size and 4 colors and can fit a pound of coffee.

the best storage for instant coffee

OXO Good Grips Airtight Coffee

This container is perfect for a 1 lb bag of coffee bean or coffee grounds. Its tinted body and stainless steel lid would look great on your countertop display while protecting coffee, tea, spices, and other moisture- and UV-sensitive foods.

It has a modular stacking system for optimal countertop and pantry organization if you have more than one container. The silicone gasket is dishwasher safe, but the other parts have to be hand washed. While the container is BPA free, it not recommended for use with flavored coffee.

how to store coffee at home

BlinkOne Coffee Canister

This well-designed and unique container has an airtight silicone seal to preserve freshness of whole, roasted beans and ground coffee day in day out. The company says that the SS202 stainless steel material (which this container is made of) helps storing coffee without worrying about air leak, moisture penetration and carbon dioxide.

The container comes with an exclusive PDF guidebook with tips to select and prepare better coffee. The container, and the spoon that comes with it are hand wash only products. You will also get a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship with proof of purchase from BlinkOne on Amazon.

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Osaka Vacuum Sealed Canister

The size of this coffee container makes it best for storing whole bean coffee. It has built in pump to store your coffee and food in an air free environment. Just pump up and down and twist to lock and seal. To release the seal all you need to do is pull the little yellow tab. The indicator lets you know if you pumped out all the air and if any air leaked in over time.

IMPORTANT: For instant coffee or other powdered substances like ground coffee it is best to put in a bag before vacuuming, otherwise the powder gets sucked into the vacuum and causes it to malfunction. On the good side and unlike other containers on the list, it is fully dishwasher safe and comes in a large size of 1200ml/40oz.

10 Best Airtight Coffee Storage Containers

Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister

Beyond coffee the Airscape Canisters are great for extending the life of your tea, flour, sugar, cereal, cookies, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable good. It is BPA-Free and made from restaurant-grade stainless steel with an enamel paint finish. The canister holds approximately 1 lb of dry coffee and comes in 4 colors available on its Amazon page.

Unlike other containers on the list, this one has a clear top lid, which allows you to see how much coffee is left. But you already know by now that light is not very good for coffee, so the AirScape lid will protect the coffee from harmful UV light to reach the contents.

10 best instant coffee canisters you can buy

Coffmax Deluxe Airtight Coffee Storage

Coffmax’s airtight metal holder and hermetic silicone seal creates an opaque coffee vault to tightly store up to 1 lb of coffee. This brushed stainless steel jar adds a luxurious touch to any kitchen décor, giving you years of elegant style and fresh coffee.

When you purchase this coffee storage on Amazon, you will also get other freebies that will help you make the perfect cup of coffee. Included in the kist, free long handled scooper spoon and a seasonal coffee recipes eBook. The company also has a100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you don’t love your coffee keeper, simply send it back for a full refund – no questions asked. 

How do you keep coffee fresh after opening?

Mixpresso Stainless Steel Coffee Container

This airtight steel container will keep you coffee fresh, maintaining the strong and flavors of your ground or whole beans. Experts believe that storing coffee in airtight canisters like this one are the best way to keep your coffee fresher for longer after opening the bag.

While this is an affordable quality solution, keep in mind that it might be a bit smaller than other containers discussed earlier. One Amazon reviewer wrote that: "I don't think it will hold a whole pound of coffee at once, but I only buy my espresso in 10 oz bags anyway." On the other hand, there were some happier reviewers suggesting that for that price, this is a great product. "For the price point I simply don’t think it can be beat. Seems to be of great quality and has what appears to be a quality seal around the top of the container where the lid closes. When closed the lid seals tightly against the container and it has a nifty date dial on the top of you found yourself needing this feature. Overall happy with the purchase." 

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No matter where you place your coffee in, make sure to drink only quality instant coffee. Buy it here.


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