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The Best Coffee Accounts to Follow on TikTok

Can't stop watching mesmerizing coffee videos on TikTok? Make sure you follow the best coffee accounts out there. Here is our list.

The idea of a coffee TikTok account was a completely foreign concept up until a year ago, but the idea has now flooded the social media platform in so many different forms. With all these accounts clogging our feeds, it’s hard to pick out the good from the bad, so here are ten coffee TikTok accounts you need to start following right now. 

Coffee Content on TikTok:

What started out as a simple and slightly bitter drink that people drink in the morning for a boost of caffeine has slowly become a culture, an aesthetic, and a lifestyle: coffee. With elaborate ways of making it, an assortment of different types of drinks, aromatic flavors and smells, and beautiful end products, coffee has become so much more than just a drink. 

Now, with social media added into the mix, drinking coffee has become an entire experience for those who make it, and those who watch the process as well. Thousands of people have hopped on the trend of documenting their coffee making journeys and creations, and millions of people watch these videos. 

One of the most viral coffee trends on TikTok has been Dalgona coffee, which is made by whipping instant coffee, sugar and water into a creamy foam. Along with this, videos of people making regular coffees, iced coffees, and espressos have gone viral as well. With that in mind, here are ten of the most aesthetic, calming, informative, and delicious coffee TikTok accounts:

1. @caffeinication

Food And Drink TikTok Accounts

To anyone looking for their daily dose of coffee, music, sweetness, and good vibes, this is the place to go. Each video has a new, stunning coffee concoction with complimentary music and dazzling drink-ware. The videos are somehow old-timey, classic, and futuristic all at the same time! The drinks always manage to look chic and delicious. Relaxing, luxurious, and unique. 

2. @therookiebarista

coffee social media accounts

The Rookie Barista is all about the vibes. Each video is soft, gentle, and calming, and the entire account encompasses an almost modernistic-Victorian setting. The colors are vibrant, the coffee is bold and creative, and the coffee inspiration is overflowing. Take a look at this account if you need some motivation to make a creative coffee drink.

3. @melaquinosf

top coffee influencers instagram

For coffee lovers who live for latté art, this is the best place to look. The account contains lattés with all sorts of elaborate patterns, cartoons, and designs. There is a different design for everyone, and the coffees are always beautifully artistic and adorable. The designs are impeccably accurate yet simplistic.

4. @milkteamali

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Amali has something for every coffee drinker, or even tea lover. Her videos combine drinks, art, and reality in such clever and creative ways. She has everything from colorful teas, to foamy coffees, to drinks disguised as potted plants. Her drinks include all kinds of elaborate, delicious combinations that never fail to amaze. Fun, cute, and delicious!

5. @eeklaf

10 Best Coffee tiktok Accounts to Follow in 2021

This Tiktok page is everything we need during a pandemic: nature, viewpoints, and coffee. Falke makes his coffee in his own rustic style and in the comfort of the great outdoors. While the coffee stays pretty simple, the experience of watching the coffee grind, boil, and brew in the most exquisite outdoor locations is wonderfully relaxing.

6. @coffeebae97

tiktok coffee trend 2021

For any hardcore coffee, tea, or Matcha lover, Vivian has got your back. She’s constantly serving delicious espresso recipes, matcha lattés, and even coffee cocktails. The videos are all unique, aesthetic, and tastefully simple. This is the perfect place to look for new coffee combinations and recipes, and simply relax while watching coffee videos. 

7. @carlieartist

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While coffee making, itself, truly is an art, some people take it to the next level by painting art with coffee. Carlie Pearce does exactly that. Anyone who likes coffee and art has to visit this page to see the outstanding portraits the Carlie creates with just coffee, sugar, and paper towels. The pictures are outstandingly real, and the coffee is beautiful as ever.

8. @thethriftwitch

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Marissa is constantly making simple but lovely coffee videos with antique tools and comforting recipes. The drinks are tasty and the videos are rustic and elegant. Anyone who loves watching coffee get prepared and loves antique items needs to visit this page. (She also has an adorable cat!)

9. @tannarcolsoncoffee

the best tiktok accounts to follow

This is the perfect page for a beginner coffee drinker or anyone who is constantly eager to learn more about different types of coffees and how to make them. Tannar regularly updates his audience with different coffee hacks, how to prepare different types of coffee, and how to use coffee gear. The videos are short, sweet, and informative, and perfect for anyone looking to learn. 

10. @onii_tan

the best tiktok coffee creators

When it comes to drink making, this account has got it down. From coffees, to teas, to boba drinks, there is nothing that hasn’t been made in the most creative and colorful way. The drinks are bright, glittery, and other-wordly, and the videos are simple and easy to follow. While this page focuses more on drinks in general, rather than coffee, the crazy, colorful drinks are definitely worth the watch.

These accounts are only ten of the many coffee creation accounts on TikTok that are constantly coming up with new videos, recipes, styles, and creations. To add to the mix, Waka has its own coffee-creation TikTok account, where you can find coffee recipes, aesthetic videos, and more.

All of the accounts will definitely provide inspiration to make new drinks, try new things, or even just drink a cup of coffee.

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