What Is International Coffee Day?


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What Is International Coffee Day?

Coffee lovers -- mark your calendars, an important day is coming! Set voice reminders, create an Iphone event, write in big letters, you don’t want to forget this day!

We’ve got a day dedicated solely to pancakes, donuts, and pizza, so why not have one for coffee as well? Except in the case of coffee, the festivities go beyond the nation. Coffee Day is a day that is celebrated by coffee lovers across the world, not just those who love the drink in America. Coffee is so good, why wouldn’t we share it with our cousins on the other side of the globe!

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Celebrated on September 27th every year, International Coffee Day is a day that people look forward to all year long. We’re already drinking 4 cups a day, why not look forward to a day where this habit is far from frowned upon. Just keep in mind the caffeine count, you don’t want to have too much caffeine that can turn into health risks pretty quickly.

When it comes down to International Coffee Day, we have to know all the ins and outs of this important day. Where to go, what to have, how did it become, why it became….. So let’s get down to the basics of this special day.


For starters, what is coffee even? We all know coffee to be the stimulant that pushes us through the groggy hours of the day, but really what is the delicious drink anyways? Is it more than a cup of hot strong brew? Or a glass of refreshing coolness? What are the basics of coffee? The hidden gems you wouldn’t expect?

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Made from roasted coffee beans, the seeds found in coffee beans produce a strong tasteful drink when brewed. Depending on the type of coffee bean that was used, the level it was roasted, and what was added to the coffee, your brewed drink will have different outcomes. In most cases, people look for a strong brew that brings out the natural flavors of the beans. 

The processed and roasted beans that are used to make the beloved brewed coffee is made from the fruit of the coffee tree, known as the coffee cherries. Inside the cherry are the seeds that are then processed and roasted. These seeds are what give coffee its aroma, pungent, taste, and sharpness that are typically associated with brewed coffee.


Starting in Milan in 2015, International Coffee Day is now celebrated worldwide. This day is used to promote and celebrate the beverage of coffee as a whole; in all its glory. International Coffee Day promotes fair trade coffee through all the many countries of the world. International Coffee Day was also created to raise awareness for coffee growers around the world.

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Although originally the International Coffee Organization agreed on October 1st as the celebration day, each country has its own unique day to celebrate it. Now, this might create some confusion as there are many National Coffee Days around the globe to celebrate. The various National Coffee Days range anywhere from early April until the beginning of October. For example, you will celebrate it in early April if you live in China or in August if you live in Peru. For us in the US, as well as other nations like Australia, the UK and Sweden National Coffee Day is September 29. 

If you need more of a reason to drink coffee everyday, consider adopting yourself into the various countries’ cultures and celebrate coffee when they do so. The more days to celebrate the better our coffee experiences will be. If you feel like traveling across coffee cultures, consider our world coffee series with articles about coffee in Japan, Australia, and South Korea.  


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Back in March of 2014, the International Coffee Organization came to a decision that coffee should have its own day and be celebrated by all who love the delicious drink. We definitely thank them for that. 

They introduced the idea of International Coffee Day at a coffee exposition, which had rave reviews by everyone who attended. They thought the idea of having a whole day dedicated to coffee was just what this world was missing. From this exposition, each country brought out their own national coffee days. Together all the countries join together on September 27th to celebrate one of the world’s most delicious drinks. 


If we’re going to be celebrating an important day, we have to know how to celebrate correctly. With all this talk about coffee, don’t we want to know how to actually celebrate it? 

First, you guessed it! Have all the coffee inspired items you can think of! Have a coffee-inspired dish, try a new coffee flavor, cook with some instant coffee, etc. Really any way you can think of to celebrate would be appropriate, as long as coffee is involved! Who knows you might even find your new favorite coffee beverage out of all this. 

1. Get that new fun coffee snack you have been wanting to try for months.

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2. Decorate your desk with everything coffee-related.

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3. Wear a coffee inspired t-shirt all day long.

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4, Read about the history of coffee.

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Whichever way you see fit to celebrate International Coffee Day is the perfect way for you to cherish your favorite drink. Afterall, where would you be without your coffee every day?

Places and International Coffee Day 

With International Coffee Day being such an important day, coffee shops all over the nation (and world) offer many different kinds of opportunities to help celebrate as you should. Some places offer you a typical drink at a cheaper cost, some will give you a buy one get one free, others even give you your complete coffee order for free!

Be sure to check out the offers at your local restaurant and coffee shop before International Coffee Day so that you do not miss out on all these amazing freebies. Pro tip: Follow their social media pages for all their most recent updates in terms of your free coffee. Feel free to follow our page as well @wakacoffee -- who knows, maybe we will have a special deal too... 

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