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10 Amazon Must Haves for a Great Camping Trip

Tents, nature, and being alone with your thoughts are all key parts of a good camping trip. Use this guide to know what to bring with you to enjoy it even more.

Camping is an acquired experience that is enjoyed by so few. The thought of being outdoors with no electricity or running water scares some people. Some people stir away as much as possible from even the thought of tents and making a fire. On the contrary! You should try to camp as much as possible to experience the world around you first hand. There’s nothing better than seeing what the world has to offer than with your own eyes.


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Summer is the perfect season to go camping. You can do outdoor activities during the day and relax at night by enjoying the cool breeze by the river. The hot weather goes hand in hand with hiking, fishing, and bird watching. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss seeing that exotic bird just because it started raining. 

Camping is a great activity for the whole family, some friends, or even for some alone time. The fresh air and views are worth the anxiety even if outdoors doesn’t call to you. Summer is the time to relax and enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible, add camping to your list of cool activities to experience during this season. 


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Taking those first few steps into the beautiful world that is the outdoors can be overwhelming. When planning your next camping trip be sure to be prepared with all the camping essentials you may need before you step off to those mountains. 

Before you go on a camping trip be sure to have a camping checklist of everyday items to get you through the worst, if necessary; layered clothes, flashlights (with batteries), and of course a first-aid kit should be amongst the top of your what-to-bring lists. By having a checklist, you are organizing your trip in a way that will make your stay more comfortable.

Why should you be prepared? Being so far away from civilization, you need to prepare yourself with the amenities to survive. You need to know how to cook food outdoors so that you have enough food to get you going throughout the day. There are no restaurants or supermarkets that are in close proximity to the trails, you can’t go and buy something easily. You also need to know how to take care of yourself medically if you were to injure yourself accidentally on the trip, you would be wasting valuable moments trying to look for people to help you, people who would not be there. The best method would be to have a first-aid kit handy so that you can patch up any wound before seeking further medical care. 


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The U.S. is filled with many spots that are great for camping. Each of the spots have many trails and views that are to die for! With these places you can grasp the full American dream by getting a taste of what all the states have to offer.

Here are 5 popular spots in the country to go test out your new camping gear:


These camping must-haves will make your trip go more smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the experience as much as possible. 

1. First-Aid Kit

Why do you need it? A first-aid kit is something that should be equipped with you at all times. Regardless if you are going on a camping trip or not, you should always be prepared if the event were to rise. The point of the kit makes it easy and compact to pack in your duffle bags. It is so light and doesn’t take up too much room. If you cut yourself or trip on the trails, you can easily patch yourself up so that the area doesn’t get infected. 

This first-aid kit comes equipped with all items that are essential in treating minor aches and injuries. In an emergency the items are easily accessible, allowing you to quickly pull out what you need to provide care. The soft zippered case can be used around the house or to quickly pack in a bag for travel. Available on Amazon Prime.

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2. Tent

Why do you need it? If you are planning on spending more than a day camping, you will need a tent to provide shelter for you. The nights tend to get cold up in the mountains and you want to have some place to sleep. The tent also provides shelter if it starts raining so you don’t get rained on or safety from those pesky mosquitoes.

This tent fits 2-3 people and is easy to set up. The tent occupies a large space making living quarters comfortable. Its material makes it waterproof, but leaves room for lots of ventilation. It also is equipped with an anti-mosquito net so you don’t get bitten constantly. Available of Amazon Prime.

Customers who purchased this item viewed this item as being “easy to carry”, “light weight”, and “easy to assemble”.

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3. Sleeping Bag 

Why do you need a sleeping bag? You don’t want to sleep on the cold outdoor floor for a couple days. The sleeping bag will provide you with warmth and comfort. You will be able to snuggle up under the covers of the sleeping back and be comfortable. You won’t have to worry about being cold at night up in the mountains.

This sleeping bag is perfect to be used year-round. During the colder months it provides warmth, and during the warmer months it provides a heat-resistant comfort. This sleeping bag fits adults and children alike. Durable and waterproof sleeping bag, easy to clean and carry. Available on Amazon Prime.

Customers who purchased this item viewed this item as being “good quality”, “easy to roll”, and “lightweight.”

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Buy MalloMe Sleeping Bag

4. Matches

Why do you need them? Out in the mountains, you will need to prepare food for yourself to eat. The only way to heat up food in the outdoors is through matches since you can’t easily put the food in the microwave. You will need to resort to stove-top methods of cooking, of which can’t be done without the help of matches to start the fire. The matches can also be used to start a fire pit if you want to gather around it for warmth, or to just admire its beauty.

These matches are in a tin container, easy to be carried. The container doesn’t take up too much room and can be packed in almost any bag or pocket. The matches can be used to light a campfire, candles, and survival bags.

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5. Tin Can Stovehow to make instant coffee while camping

Why do you need it? How can you heat up your food without a method to cook them? Just like at home where you have a stove top to cook pots on, you would need the same for the outdoors. A portable tin can stove can heat up your pots just as a regular stove top would. 

This compact and lightweight tin can stove collapses easily, making outdoor travels very efficient. The stove does not use fuel that is harmful for the environment, it uses trees and branches to fuel itself. With the addition of the second combustion, the stove is kept warm for 20 minutes after the flame is lit. Available on Amazon Prime.

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6. Pots

Why do you need them? You can’t boil water or heat up food without the help of pots and pans. You need something to put the items in so that they cook. Although, you want to ensure that you bring along with you on your trip pots and pans that are small in size. They tend to take up a lot of room when packing and the goal is to pack as lightly as possible. Plus you would need a small pot to fit on the tin can stove that you brought along with you.

These pots are made for the outdoors. They sit into each other and come with a carrying case that attaches to your bags. The set comes with one aluminum pot and one aluminum bowl, both ready to use on your camping trip. Its small and compact size makes carrying much easier than regular pots would. There are no large handles to tie you up, the handles fold into the rest of the pots to ensure you can carry them in the easiest way possible. Available on Amazon Prime.

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7. Lantern

Why do you need it? A lantern is your only source of light when it begins to get dark and through the night. If you are continuing to hike through the mountains after sunset, you want to be able to see where you are going so that you don’t injure yourself. The lantern can also be used at night when being enclosed in the tent gets too dark. You can hold it up next to your book to be able to see what you are reading, without struggling to read through moonlight.

This lantern will illuminate the camping grounds for up to 6 days. Full power reaches up to 1300 lumens of light, giving you maximum light for all your necessities. This lantern gives you 3 different levels of strength (low, high, and flashing strobes) to be able to light up the area around you in different ways. Its design is lightweight and can be set up anywhere. Available on Amazon Prime.

Customers who purchased this item viewed this item as being “well built”, “small and lightweight”, and “super bright.”

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8. Bug Repellent

Why do you need it? As enjoyable as the outdoors are, there are certain factors that will make your stay uncomfortable, like bugs. The worst feeling is trying to enjoy being outside while annoying bugs are constantly napping at you. By being prepared with bug repellent, you can start getting rid of those bugs before they even arrive. Spray some on your belongings before you start your activities in the morning to limit the amount of bugs that come to you.

This duo-bottle bug repellent spray is great to take outdoors with you. Provides long-lasting repellent against most outdoor bugs, up to 8 hours of protection.  Ths spray repels against gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. Its small 6 oz bottle fits easily in a pocket, to be able to spray almost immediately. Available on Amazon Prime.

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9. Waka Coffee

Why do you need it? We can’t spend a few hours going without coffee, let alone a few days. How will we get our caffeine fill while being outdoors for so long with no coffee shops in range? With Waka Instant Coffee you can still maintain your coffee habit without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Our instant coffee comes in different sizes including small self-served packages easy to take on-the-go! Just pack a couple packets in your bag ready to make on your trip instantly.

With self-served packets you can take your coffee with you to just about anywhere. Just grab a packet of instant coffee and your coffee will be ready in no time. Packets are so small you can pack them into your backpack and they won’t take up any room at all. These packets are life-savers when it comes to conserving space. With instant coffee you won’t have to wait for a coffee machine to make your brew.

Customers reviewed this coffee as being “smooth”, having a “balanced flavor”, and “excellent coffee.”

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10. Coffe Tumbler

Why do you need it? You can’t have your coffee without a place to put it, especially during the day! Put your coffee in a tumbler to carry around all day without having to worry about when you will be able to open up that tin can stove. Just make a cup of instant coffee in the morning and pour it in a tumbler, to enjoy all day long.

If you love our coffee show some love on your camping trips with this Waka Coffee sponsored tumbler. Our tumbler offers 12 ounces of coffee to be drunk throughout the day. The tumbler has a double wall vacuum insulation to keep your drink hot or cold all day long. With the press-on lid there leaves little room for spills and messes, perfect to take with you on your next camping trip.

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No matter what you pack, don't forget your delicious instant coffee.