What Does Waka Mean?

Here, at Waka Coffee we are constantly being asked what does Waka stand for? So we decided to put together this short list of all the options we know of.

We searched the web for all the meanings of the word waka (unfortunately we did it after naming our brand Waka Coffee), and here are all the definitions we found.


1. Maori Canoe

what does waka means

In New Zealand, waka means a canoe (waka tīwai). These type of ancient canoes range in size and used for fishing and and for river travel. A war canoe will be called "waka taua," where "taua" means war. 

2. Japanese Poem 和歌

waka Japanese poem meaning

According to Columbia University, The word waka means old form of a"Japanese poem." It's a form so basic to Japanese literature that Japanese poets write these type of poems even today. It is also known by the name tanka, which means "short poem."

In Pop Culture

1. Waka Waka

what does waka waka means

Waka Waka This Time for Africa (Esto es África) is a song performed by the popular singer Shakira. It was released on 7 May 2010 as the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which was held in South Africa. In this song, waka waka means a slang phrase from Cameroon that means “do it.”

2. Fozzie the Bear

what waka means in pop culture

Fozzie the Bear is a character from The Muppets. In the show he constantly employed his catchphrase, "Wocka Wocka!" right after telling a joke. Fozzie was performed by Frank Oz until 2001 and then replaced by Eric Jacobson.

Waka Coffee

waka instant coffe meaning

Waka Coffee is a new type of instant coffee brand. It was rated as best instant coffee by numerous publications and professional coffee reviewers. It doesn't taste like your old school instant coffee and it's made from 100% Arabica beans and freeze dried to perfection. Waka Coffee is available for purchase on this website, Walmart, Amazon and eBay. Oh, and we named our brand Waka Coffee as play on the word awake, which this is what coffee is for!


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* Waka Coffee LLC is the trademark owner for Waka Coffee and doesn't have relationship or affiliation to any of the other brands/companies/trademarks referenced in this article. This post is informative only.

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