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Why You Should Offer Instant Coffee In Your Airbnb

If your goal is to make your Airbnb guests happy, you should think about the coffee you offer. Read on why instant coffee is a win-win for you and your guests.


Drinking coffee is an important part of most people’s routine in the morning. So, when they are guests at an Airbnb, they expect to have coffee available to them. Having coffee is also an important part of impressing your guests and making them feel at home. 

No matter what kind of Airbnb you are renting out to people, it’s important to have a small selection of coffee and coffee-making facilities. This is especially true if your Airbnb is more than just a rental room. With a kitchen or kitchenette, people will definitely be expecting to see coffee.

Do I Have to Provide Coffee for Guests?


There is no official Airbnb rule that you have to provide coffee or beverages to your guests. Doing so though can up your ratings and bring people back for another stay. It will also leave your guest with a good first impression when they walk into the rental and see coffee laid out for them. 

While some people might provide many different types of coffee, you can have a small selection to save money. If you don’t want to include a coffee pot, you can have everything in the selection as instant coffee

Make sure the guests have an easy way to boil water for the instant coffee though. You can just get a kettle and have it in the room or kitchen. 

Why Is Instant Coffee the Best Choice? 


Some people stray away from instant coffee because they think of it as not being real coffee. Instant coffee uses the same grounds and beans as regular coffee though.

As with all coffee, there are some brands that are better than others. When purchasing coffee for your guests, you want to make sure you are getting quality instant coffee such as the ones we sell here at Waka. 

Buying a poor selection of instant coffee for your guests might make them bad reviews. They might also have to spend their vacation time looking for good coffee. 



Buying small packets of instant coffee is often cheaper than buying whole bags of beans and grounds. Instant coffee also has a longer shelf life. This means even if you have guests that are not coffee drinkers, instant coffee will remain good. 

You won’t need to worry about constantly checking expiration dates and trying to determine if the rental needs new coffee. 

If you’re using instant coffee, you also don’t need to worry about buying several coffee makers and filters. All you need to buy is a nice kettle. 

More Variety 


Since instant coffee is often cheaper, you can buy more than one kind. You can also get different boxes of packets. This will allow the guest to have a choice between light, medium, or dark roast. 

You can also get some different flavors so that the guests can try vanilla or mocha varieties. Since instant coffee is more cost-effective, you will be able to give people more variety rather than limiting them to just one bag. 

Less Mess 


When you own an Airbnb, you are also tasked with hiring a cleaning service and making sure the place looks nice before people arrive. If you are providing people with bean and ground coffee, the cleaning service will also need to clean coffee machines and grinders. 

Some companies charge an additional fee for cleaning appliances. With instant coffee though, there will be nothing to clean. The counters and surfaces will also be cleaner because people won’t be dealing with grinding and pouring grounds. 

No Replacement of Machines 


With multiple people coming in and out of the rental, things are more likely to get broken than if you just had them in your own house. Some guests do not take care of things. You might find yourself needing to replace the machines or the French presses when they get broken. 

Airbnb usually covers a damage fee, so you might not be paying for the new machine yourself. Being tasked with buying new things and visiting your rental still takes time out of your schedule though. 

Less Inventory 

With small packets of instant coffee, you can keep them inside the pantry of the house. After each guest, you can take a quick inventory just to see what is running low. With packages of coffee, you will always need to be checking each individual bag or canister. 

You also can’t leave new bags in the pantry because people might open them before the older ones are used. 

Making Instant Coffee Look Nice 


Some people are worried that having packets of instant coffee and no machine will make the rental look less nice. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many ways you can spruce up an instant coffee bar. 

Consider buying a nice kettle such as one that is stainless steel rather than plastic. You can also get one to match the other kitchen decorations. 

You can also get a rustic table to place the kettle and all the coffee items. Make sure to have nice mugs and a nice measuring spoon as well. For the instant coffee packets, consider buying nice canisters or baskets to display them in. 

Of course, the most important thing is to make sure the coffee is of great quality. Waka’s instant coffee is 100% Arabica coffee with great flavor. The packets also look nice. With bulk packages, you can save money. 


Coffee is an essential element to any Airbnb if you want to impress your guests. With instant coffee, you can have an affordable option to supply all your guests with their needs. Make sure to buy a nice kettle and have a nice table to display the coffee.

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