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What are the Benefits and Dangers of Loaded Tea?

If you are someone who regularly consumes caffeine, then coffee or tea is probably your go-to drink. But have you heard of the new tea trend called loaded tea? Let’s explore what these drinks are and if you should be drinking them.

What is Loaded Tea?


Loaded tea, also sometimes known as boosted tea, is a drink made up of additives, caffeine, supplements, and vitamins. As the name implies, it’s a drink meant to be loaded with ingredients that can deliver claimed health benefits like enhanced performance, boosted metabolism, and hunger suppression.

These eye-catching, neon-colored drinks became viral because they make aesthetically pleasing photos for social media. Not to mention, they are believed to offer incredible benefits like having more energy, having increased metabolism, and helping with weight loss. Loaded teas are basically low-calorie, supplemented cocktails that sometimes include tropical flavors, sweet syrups, and juices.

What Do They Put in Loaded Teas?


While loaded teas seem to have many health benefits for consumers, what exactly are the drinks made of? Well, it turns out there is no exact formula for loaded tea. In fact, some recipes may not even include tea in the drink. It is important to remember that while loaded teas are grouped under one category, they are not all the same. However, there are some common ingredients used in most of the recipes.

So what are the loaded tea ingredients exactly? While tea is an option in most recipes, we believe it is an essential ingredient for loaded tea. This is because tea contains antioxidants and nutrients that look for cell-damaging free radicals in the body and help detoxify them. Besides tea, loaded teas are just a blend of caffeine and other herbal stimulants such as ginseng, niacin, guarana, and much more. These stimulants are often found in energy drinks. As such, loaded tea is more like an energy drink than simple black or green tea.

How Much Caffeine is in a Loaded Tea?


Loaded teas are known for boosting energy levels. So what are the caffeine levels, and are they similar to typical teas? The short answer is no. As mentioned earlier, loaded tea drinks are more like energy drinks than teas. Due to this, you can expect them to have higher levels of caffeine compared to regular teas. However, keep in mind that as the formulas can vary greatly, so can the amount of caffeine in the drink.

According to Ochsner Health, a single serving of loaded tea contains about 160 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. This is almost twice the amount of caffeine you can find in a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull energy drink. According to the USDA, one serving of instant tea has 40 mg of caffeine. This means a loaded tea has at least four times the amount of caffeine. Not to mention, some recipes and ingredients may include a higher, sometimes even illegal, amount of caffeine.

Should You Be Drinking Loaded Teas?


Loaded teas are known as a health drink, but are the benefits too good to be true? Many claim that the beverage helps increase mental clarity, burn fat, and much more. But are loaded teas actually good for you, and are they FDA approved? Let’s break it down.

As loaded teas can vary dramatically depending on the recipe used to make them, it is important to find recipes and ingredients that are clearly labeled. While the most commonly used ingredients are not necessarily harmful, they may become dangerous when combined with certain ingredients or used in high quantities.

Additionally, drinking boosted teas can cause some health issues for those who are more sensitive to caffeine. Potential effects include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, shaking or jitters, and trouble sleeping. Since many of these loaded tea beverages are not transparent with their ingredients and labels, it is better to take precautions. In fact, the FDA has started issuing restrictions on the sale of products that contain dangerously high amounts of caffeine.  While these products are marketed as “dietary supplements,” they can be dangerous or even life-threatening. So if the loaded tea recipes are poorly labeled, and the claims seem too good to be true, then it probably is.

Loaded Tea at Home


(Mexican Sunset Loaded Tea - Recipe by Silver Lining Lessons.)

Many people may find the health benefits and energy boost of loaded teas to be very attractive. However, some recipes may be more detrimental than beneficial, given their exceptionally high caffeine content. To enjoy loaded teas without worrying about overdosing on caffeine, you should make your own at home.

By making your loaded tea at home, you can control the ingredients and amount of caffeine. Not to mention, you can use an actual tea base for it as well. Waka Coffee has a delicious Mexican Sunset Loaded Tea recipe that you may enjoy. Ultimately, it is better to either make your own at home or avoid loaded teas altogether.

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