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Tricks for Making The Best Iced Instant Tea

How do you love your iced tea? There are different tricks you can do to make the best summer iced tea taste even better. 

There is nothing like a refreshing iced tea with ice cubes and perhaps some fruit on a hot day! Making the perfect iced tea can sometimes become a long and complicated process. With our instant tea powder your next refreshing cup of iced tea is a few seconds away. Learn how to make your iced tea experience as delicious and fast as possible with our simple tips. 

Make it With Quality Instant Tea

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No need to steep, cool, or wait before you can make iced tea with a quality instant tea, but make sure you base your cooled tea drink on a premium tea powder. The best kinds of instant tea are ones that contain no filler ingredients, such as crushed up tea leaves, to make up for the lack of quality of the tea powder. Teas containing added preservatives, flavorings, or sugars are also higher in calories and not as healthy.

The fun part about making your own iced tea is that you can customize it. Add healthy choices for in it rather than buying sweetened mixes. Our Kenyan Black Instant Tea powder is a great choice to consider for your next 225 servings...

Perfect Your Water to Tea Ratio

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Although making instant tea is as simple as adding tea powder to water and stirring, it is easy to add too much water or too much powder. This can result in either a watered down tea or a too strong tea flavor. Our best tip for drinking Waka Coffee’s instant tea would be to add just 1/8 of a teaspoon to 8-10 ounces of water. It is just a pinch of powder -- scoop a bit on the tip of your teaspoon and you are good to go.

We usually make our instant tea by first pouring the powder into the cup and then adding the water, but there is no one rule for your iced tea love! If a stronger tea flavor is preferred, it is recommended to try adding 8 ounces of water first and then adding more if the tea is too strong for you. If you like it less strong, pour in about 10 fl oz of water from the beginning (the size of a coffee mug).

Use Filtered Water

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Rather than using tap water, try using filtered water! Tap water can not only have an unpleasant metallic taste that can ruin the taste of your iced tea, but according to Scientific American, can even become contaminated and harmful to drink. So do your body and iced instant tea a favor and use filtered water for the best taste.

Add a Splash of Juice or Lemonade

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Instead of adding sugar or other artificial sweeteners, try to add a few splashes of natural juice. Some great suggestions can be lemonade, pomegranate juice, or cranberries juice! We recommend adding about 2 tablespoons of juice to 8-10 fl oz. of iced tea. It will give your tea a delicious flavor and a splash of color!

Make it in an Insulated Tumbler

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Have you ever made yourself an iced tea or iced coffee only to have the ice melt and the drink warm up before you’ve even had time to finish it? Well, an insulated tumbler is all you need to keep your drink iced and cold for hours! By putting your iced instant tea into a tumbler, it’ll allow you to savor and fully enjoy the taste. We love taking our iced tea with us on a long commute to work, so making it in a tumbler is the perfect way to keep it cold all the way.

Add Ice Without Watering Down

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If you love iced tea, but dread the taste of a watered down tea, there are a few ways to avoid this! The obvious way is to add less water to your tea powder and replace it with ice cubes instead. The tea will not lose much of its intensity as you make it stronger and with less water to start with. Another way is to make your own iced tea cubes to use instead of iced cubes. That way when it melts, it’ll turn into tea rather than unwanted additional water! We created a recipe with a similar idea for iced coffee here.

Customize It!

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Making the best iced tea is fun because you can make it to your likings. To spice up your ordinary cup of instant iced tea try adding:

1. Milk: Creamers or any milk of your preference such as almond milk, dairy milk, oat milk, or soy milk to create a milk tea and a creamier type of drink (just like in England!).

2. Sugar: The good part about making your iced tea is that you know what goes in it. We recommend using organic sugars or more natural options. Some options can be date syrup (Silan), honey, or stevia that can be mixed in for a sweeter taste.

3. Fresh fruits: Add small pieces of fresh fruit into your cup of iced tea for even more refreshing taste. Blueberries, raspberries, peach, lemon, orange, and even pieces of watermelon can easily elevate your drink.


Make the best iced tea using our quality instant tea. Get it here.