Top Hiking Spots in California to Take Your Coffee With You


Best coffee hiking spots to take your instant coffee to
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Top Hiking Spots in California to Take Your Coffee With You

There is nothing better than a great hike with the best cup of coffee while you are enjoying the outdoors. Go out and explore these amazing hiking and lookout points. 

1. Mount Baldy in San Bernardino County

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This hike is easily accessible, it is only 15 minutes away from the freeway. There are multiple routes on this mountain, and there is even a lift to take you to the top if you do not feel like hiking that day. The ski trail route is 8 miles round trip and about 5,000 feet in elevation. However, the longest trail to get to the top is 11 miles round trip at about 10,000 feet in elevation. Check out this page to learn more about the trail and local dining options. This hike is a great spot to take your camp stove/burner with you, boil water and pour a packet of our Arabica instant coffee.

2. Redwood National Park

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There are many trails in the Redwood national park. Check out this website for more information on the different trails and which one is perfect for you. Some trails are more like walks in the park, and others are for the more experienced hikers. Whichever you choose, you definitely will not miss the beautiful redwood trees. I like hiking there with a bottle of iced coffee I prepared at home in advance. I make it using Waka Coffee (obviously) based on this recipe from the instant coffee section.

3. Point Lobos Carmel

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This is a very easy hiking spot right by the ocean. There are certain spots you can stop at in the middle of the trail to look out at different coves by the ocean, or just to enjoy the view. This is a great spot to open a single-serve packet of quality coffee you brought with you, stir with water, and sip it while overlooking the ocean. I enjoy hiking with my coffee shop playlist to get the full relaxation experience. Feel free to use any songs from our previous blog post. This hike is more like a nature walk that lasts about 2-4 hours depending on how long you stop for along the way. Before you plan your hike, watch this mesmerizing drone video to learn more about the best lookout points. 

4. Joshua Tree National Park

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There are also multiple hiking trails at Joshua Tree National Park, checkout their website for the different trails that are available. They range anywhere from 0.1 miles to a challenging 8 miles hike. You can also camp there overnight; since it is located in the middle of the desert, the night view of stars is unbelievable. If you decide to spend the night there, read this blog post for the 7 ways you can make coffee while camping. We love option number one the most! 

5. Solstice Canyon in Malibu

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This is a 2-mile hike next to Malibu that is easily accessible off the highway. There are a few small waterfalls along the way, but the highlight of the hike is the ocean view. In addition, there’s also ruins of an old mansion on the route. One downside of this trail is that parking is limited, so be prepared for a long walk to your car. Read more about this hike here, and make sure to pack some necessary camping/hiking meals with you before you leave. 

These hiking trips are made more enjoyable with our quality instant coffee that is great for traveling, hiking, and camping. Bring our instant coffee packets with you or have some of our coffee before you go on your hike for an extra kickstart. When you are in the wild, don't forget to share your amazing pictures with us. Use our "5 Most Instagramable Places to Visit in California" post for some hashtag inspiration.

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