Top 9 Gifts for Coffee Lovers 2021


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Top 9 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If you have a coffee lover in your life, then we have the perfect stocking stuffers list for you. Let’s explore all the fun gift options.

Top 9 Gifts for Coffee Lovers 2022


When people think of coffee-themed gifts, they often gravitate towards things like coffee machines or makers. However, these can be a bit expensive. It can also be challenging to figure out what your recipient would like with many options on the market.

Luckily, we are here to show you that there are more fun and cheaper options available! These gifts can be great alternatives for your recipient, especially if they are picky when it comes to coffee.

Whether you are looking for a big gift or some fun stocking stuffers, we have you covered. We have included both larger and smaller coffee accessory options to choose from. Here are some fun gift ideas you can get for your favorite coffee lover this holiday season!

Collapsible Coffee Cup


A must-have for every coffee lover or even casual coffee drinker is portable cups! This is especially true for those who like taking their coffee on the go. Having a lidded cup helps to keep your drink from spilling when moving around. Waka Coffee carries collapsible Stojo cups with five beautiful colors to choose from. These colors include oat, nutmeg, sea-foam, steel, and carbon. Not only do they help save space, but they’re easy to take around in a bag!

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Rechargeable Milk Frother


Handheld milk frothers are a great stocking stuffer or gift for any coffee lover! While it may seem too simple, it is a fantastic way to upgrade anyone’s daily coffee experience. This USB rechargeable milk frother comes with two frothing heads to choose from and a USB cord.

It also comes with a biodegradable and natural fiber burlap storage bag. There are two colors to choose from black and pink. This simple frother can be great for making milk froth for cappuccino-style drinks. You can also use it to whip up some dalgona coffee! The two frothing heads make this device a versatile accessory to keep around the kitchen.

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Reusable Straws


One helpful accessory for any iced coffee lover is reusable straws! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but you can also use them for any cold drink. Moreover, you can use them anywhere. For example, use it at home or even take it with you for travel. Some even come with carrying pouches to make bringing them along even more accessible.

Luckily there are many reusable straw options. This includes different materials like glass, stainless steel, or silicone. They even come in a variety of fun colors and different sizes for all your drink needs! Reusable straws are a great stocking stuffer for coffee lovers and anyone who drinks lots of liquids.

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Camping or On-The-Go Gift Sets



If you are looking for a gift with everything a coffee lover may want, holiday gift sets are the way to go! For example, Waka Coffee's Holiday Gift Bag comes with a travel cup and premium instant coffee. In addition, they come in an adorable vintage cloth gift bag with a drawstring. Best of all, you can choose from three different types of travel cups. In detail, there's the collapsible cup, the collapsible bottle, and the insulated tumbler. So, if you are stuck on finding a gift, this gift set is a great place to start!

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Fun Coffee Mugs


If you are looking for more stocking stuffers, a fun coffee mug is a perfect way to go! You might think a cup is a boring gift, but that is far from the truth. Not only are there plenty of unique mugs out on the market, but it's a versatile gift. You can also easily customize the designs to fit the person who receives them! You can choose from funny designs to interesting shapes to even mugs with wild color schemes. We have picked out a few unique coffee mugs to get you started, but there are many more designs to discover!

Get it here: coffee pot mug, butterfly flower glass mug, building blocks mug, bear double wall glass mug, animal inside ceramic mug   

Candles and Fragrances


One common characteristic among coffee lovers is loving the actual scent of coffee. Regardless of whether they're drinking it or not, some people really enjoy the smell of coffee. It is needless to say that a part of the fantastic experience of drinking coffee is the smell. To help the coffee lover in your life turn their home into a coffee shop, you should consider scented candles!

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Electric Coffee Warmer


Coffee mug warmers can be a great pairing gift with the fun coffee mug gift idea above! It is a must-have for the Fall and Winter seasons to keep drinks from going cold. In addition, electric coffee warmers are a great gift option for those coffee or tea lovers who enjoy slowly sipping on their brew. Not to mention, there are plenty of design options.

Some are just the coffee warmer by themselves, while others come with a matching mug. Additionally, it is a great gift that can fit anyone’s budget. We have included a variety of options that cover a range of prices so you can decide which one is perfect for you!

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Snacks Perfect for Coffee


A large part of the coffee experience is pairing them with snacks. Not only is it delicious, but there are plenty of snack options to choose from. A great stocking stuffer should include snacks that pair well with coffee. For example, the caramel stroopwafel is a type of dessert cookie from the Netherlands. These snacks can also be an excellent gift for non-coffee lovers.

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Coffee Art


Many coffee lovers enjoy having their own coffee space or corner in their homes. A fun way you can help them create their own coffee space is through coffee art. There are plenty of artists who sell their own prints and this can be a great way to support small businesses. You can also purchase fun home decor relating to coffee. We have included a variety of fun coffee art prints and decor items from you to choose from!

Get art prints here: coffee guide print, retro coffee poster, mid century modern poster, first coffee of the day poster 

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If you're having a hard time finding a gift for a coffee-lover, then you've come to the right place. These ten stocking stuffer ideas will help you choose the perfect coffee-themed gift. No matter what you choose, the coffee lover in your life is sure to love it. 

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