This Is How You Can Drink Coffee Around the World


Top 10 Different Coffee Types in Different Countries
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This Is How You Can Drink Coffee Around the World

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll likely be able to find a delicious yet humble cup of coffee. Here are some of the most popular different types of coffees from around the globe.

Whether you are in New York City or a small village in Vietnam, coffee is one of the most beloved drinks. Although Americans love their Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee, countries around the globe have perfected different types of coffee that can electrify your taste buds and morning. Incorporate some of these ideas in your day to kick your brew up a notch. 

1. Austrian Wiener Mélange

Coffee in Austria: Wiener Mélange

Austria has a coffeehouse culture that other countries can only dream of. One of the most popular drinks to come out of this culture is the Wiener Mélange. In its most basic form, the drink is espresso topped with foam and steamed milk. It is normal to get the drink with whipped cream and cocoa powder on top, making it almost a meal in and of itself! 

2. Brazilian Cafezinho 

Coffee in Brazil: Cafezinho

Much like Austrian drinkers, Brazilian drinkers also like the flavor of espresso, but they like their coffee even stronger. Cafezinho is like espresso, but it is pure, stronger, and brewed using a cloth flannel filter. This creates a strong and thick coffee.

At the same time, Brazilian Cafezinho is very sweet. Although it is often drunk without milk or cream, sugar is a part of the brewing process early on. This is a favorite for Brazilian hospitality. It is normal for homeowners to offer this drink to their guests.

3. Ethiopian Genika 

Coffee in Ethiopia: Genika

Ethiopia has one of the most extensive coffee cultures in the world. This country has even been dubbed the birthplace of coffee, which explains why Ethiopians love their coffee. In Ethiopia alone, there are as many as 10,000 different types of coffee.

Of the different coffee types in Ethiopia, the most popular is a type of Arabica coffee. This coffee is drank during elaborate ceremonies. It involves roasting the beans before being ground. The coffee will then be brewed and served to family and guests. In other words, this is not just your everyday morning cup of Joe.

4. Grecian Frappe 

 Coffee in Greece: Frappe

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches and hot sunny days. What better way is there to cool off than with a delicious iced coffee? That is exactly what the Greeks think. In the Mediterranean areas, instant coffee is mixed with ice and foamed milk to create the frappe. Depending on your taste buds, you can use no sugar, some sugar, or two to four spoons of sugar.

5. Irish Coffee 

 Coffee in Ireland: Irish Coffee

Irish coffee should not be drunk by any minors. In addition to hot coffee, this drink includes Irish whiskey and thick cream. The result is a super-strong drink that is not only delicious but invigorating. To make sure you drink it right, don’t stir the drink. Drink through the cream instead.

6. Italian Affogato 

Coffee in Italy: Affogato

It’s no secret that Italians love their coffee. Italian Affogato is just one example of the many coffee types that originate from Italy. This drink is unique because it mixes Italian coffee with Gelato. This combination creates a delectable flavor that is exclusively Italian.

It is prepared by brewing hot espresso. That espresso is then poured over a heaping scoop of Gelato. Some people even like to add shots of amaretto liqueur for more of a kick.

7. Mexican Café de Olla

Coffee in Mexico: Café de Olla

Coffee is a staple in many South and Latin American countries, including Mexico. In the rural mountainous areas, you can find Café de Olla. This coffee is perfect for warming up on a chilly day and getting the motivation you need to get to work.

Café de Olla is traditionally brewed in a clay pot. It is usually served black, but it has a unique flavor since it is made from unrefined cane sugar and cinnamon cones. Some brews will also include all spies, cloves, and orange for an extra kick.

8. Swedish Kaffeost 

Coffee in Sweden: Kaffeost

Swedish Kaffeost is not known worldwide, but it is something you might want to try. The name of this coffee quite literally translates to “Coffee cheese.” As you might figure, the name adequately describes what this drink is.

To make this coffee, begin by brewing your coffee as normal. While that is brewing, put a few cubes of Leipäjuusto inside the cup. Then, pour the coffee over the cheese cubes and enjoy. Although this drink certainly is not for everyone, it is something fun to try.

9. Turkish Türk Kahvesi 

Coffee in Turkey: Türk Kahvesi 

Turkish coffee is one of the most famous international coffee drinks. It is traditionally prepared in a small copper or brass pot called an ibrik or cezve. During the preparation process, sugar is added to the finely ground coffee beans before brewing. No cream or milk is involved.

The result of this unique brewing method is a deliciously foamy coffee surface. Some recipes even add cardamom and spice to make the coffee even more flavorful. The cardinal sin of Turkish coffee is stirring the coffee. Instead, leave it with the foam intact.

10. Vietnamese Ca Phe Da

Coffee in Vietnam: Ca Phe Da

Finally, the last coffee type on our list is the Vietnamese Ca Phe Da. This coffee is perfect for those with a sweet tooth because it is served iced with a lot of sugar, but the coffee flavor is strong as well.

This sweet coffee is made with a French drip filter. The coffee goes directly into the cup below, which is already filled with ice and condensed milk. The result is a coffee that even sugar addicts adore.

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