The 10 Best Items From Amazon for Your Office Coffee Station


The 10 Best Items From Amazon for Your Office Coffee Station
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The 10 Best Items From Amazon for Your Office Coffee Station

Every great coffee station starts somewhere, with an idea for fresh and delicious coffee in the office. Here, you can find the 10 essential coffee station items for your office that you can find on Amazon!

The contents of any coffee station are going to be unique and rely on what the coffee drinker or drinkers like. So, not all of these ideas may work for your situation, but they can help inspire you to find something that does work for your situation!

In the remainder of this article, we will walk you through the essential items from Amazon, why they are essential, and several other discussion points about these office coffee bar items!

Item #1: Coffee Station Organizer

Wooden Coffee Station Organizer

The first thing on our list for the 10 best items from Amazon for your office coffee station is a wooden coffee station organizer. This coffee station organizer can help to beautify and organize your coffee station by giving everything a home. A wooden coffee organizer is perfect for people who have limited space in their coffee station.

This organizer has six equal-sized sections with removable dividers where you can store your coffee creamers, tea bags, coffee stirrers, cups, bags of coffee grinds, and more!

This coffee station organizer is 10 and a half inches wide, 6.7 inches deep, 3.1 inches tall, and each section in the organizer is 3.2 in wide. The coffee organizer comes in white color and has a "coffee bar" written in black ink in a fancy script handwriting.

This is a perfect addition to an office coffee station where you have lots of different items needing storage but not a lot of space to organize everything.

You can find this wooden coffee organizer on Amazon here.

Item #2:  A Bar Mat

Heavy Duty Bar Mat

A bar mat might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are setting up your office coffee station, but a good silicone bar mat is a perfect way to prevent messes and keep your coffee station organized.

This silicone food-safe bar mat is a perfect piece to include in your office coffee station. It can be used as a dish drying mat, a kitchen counter accessory, or as a bar mat for your coffee station.

This format will help keep your counters and tabletops clean by creating a space where people can make their coffee without needing to clean up much after themselves. It is a time-saver when it comes to cleaning up because all you have to do is rinse off the mat in the sink and then let it air-dry.

You can find this heavy-duty bar mat at the link here.

Item #3: Coffee Mug Rack

Coffee Mug Holder Wall Mounted with 12 Hooks

A coffee mug rack is an essential part of any office coffee station. This coffee rack can hold 12 coffee mugs and is wall mounted so it stays out of the way of your busy office.

It is a perfect solution for limited storage space in cabinets or on countertops for coffee mugs. It comes with the 3 wall mounting sections of hooks, with the top one including a coffee sign and a cute little coffee cup to complete the aesthetic. The design is made out of metal so it is sturdy and will last long!

You can find this wall-mounted coffee mug rack here.

Item #4: A K-Cup Holder 

K Cup Holder Sliding Tray

Another Edition that is perfect to organize your coffee station in your office is a K-Cup holder! This sliding drawer K-cup holder is it perfect way to organize coffee pods so they are out of the way and in a sleek storage unit.

Many people simply tossed coffee pods into a drawer and they get jumbled around creating a mess. This sliding tray allows you to organize your coffee pod's flavor and keep everything organized nicely. Plus, it is super thin so you can stack other items on top of it to save space.

You can read more about this K-cup holder here

Item #5: Tea Bag Organizers

Plastic Kitchen Pantry

Teabags are another item that can often get thrown into a drawer and jumbled around into a mask. That is why getting a functional and sleek-looking tea caddy or tea bag holder is perfect for reducing the amount of clutter and mess in your office coffee station.

These clear plastic tea bag holders are perfect for use in an office coffee station because everybody has access to all the different kinds of teas that are available. You can display them so you do not have to rummage around a drawer or in 12 different boxes to find the flavor of tea that you want, you can just pull it right out.

Read more here.

Item #6: Countertop Organizer

3 Tier Corner Shelf Bamboo Countertop Organizer

A countertop organizer like this one made out of bamboo is perfect to help utilize minimal countertop space. Many offices do not have lots of counter space so is it the perfect way to get more dimension on your countertops so you can fit more items in your coffee station.

This countertop organizer has three tiers so you can make greater use of the space given to you by going vertical instead of horizontal on the countertop.

Read more about this 3 tier countertop organizer here

Item #7: Milk Frother

Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes

While a milk frother may not be an essential aspect of creating a simple cup of coffee, having one around can increase the amount of luxury you have in your copy station. This simple tool froths up your milk and makes every cup of coffee a little bit more fun! Plus it is perfect for people who like to drink lattes.

Find this milk frother here

Item #8: A Baker’s Rack

Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Storage Shelf

A baker's rack is a perfect way to utilize floor space rather than countertop space. If you do not have a lot of counter space or tabletop space in your office, then making use of the floor space by getting a baker's rack is the perfect way to create more counter space while creating a luxury coffee bar.

This is a beautiful wooden and metal baker's rack featuring 5 levels of shelving a drawer and more! Read more here.

Item #9: Wooden Coffee Stirrers

1000 Count Wood Coffee Beverage Stirrers, 5.5"

These wooden coffee stirrers are the perfect way to mix up your drinks without having to wash a spoon every time you want to make a new cup of coffee. Plus, wooden coffee stirrers will break down in landfills faster than plastic stirrers, so if you're going to use a disposable coffee mixer, these are probably the way to go if you want to be environmentally friendly.

Check them out at the link here.

Item #10: Flavor Syrup Holder

Clear Syrup Bottle Holder

If you have coffee syrups used to flavor your coffee, then you probably have several coffee flavor bottles sitting on your countertops taking up space and looking like clutter. This wire syrup bottle holder holds for flavor bottles and makes your counter spaces look much more organized now that all your ducks, or bottles, are quite literally in a row.

Check out this bottle organizer here.

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