Should You Provide Coffee for Your Airbnb Guests?


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Should You Provide Coffee for Your Airbnb Guests?

If you run an Airbnb or are thinking about starting one, you may be wondering just what you should provide to your guests, and right at the top of that list is leaving them some of the best coffee you can.

The Best Way To Provide Coffee As An Airbnb Host


Anyone can rent out an Airbnb with an economy-sized can of generic coffee in the cupboard and a $10 coffee maker, but truly memorable and great hosts will go the extra mile. When providing coffee for your Airbnb guests, dedicating some space specifically for a coffee bar or coffee station can mean better reviews, repeat guests, and improved booking rates.

A coffee bar consists of a designated, dedicated space that will include all the accouterments needed for the ideal cup, and is essential for putting the finishing touches on your rental unit. By making a simple yet practical coffee bar, you’ll create a more comfortable atmosphere and your guests will feel welcomed and connected on a personal level to their rental experience.

Creating A Coffee Bar For Your Guests


It might sound complex, but making a coffee station doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, and it can be done with space that already exists in your kitchen. The most common ways to incorporate a coffee space into your Airbnb is by using a dedicated space on existing countertops, or by introducing a small island or table in a corner.

By using a small corner table or island in the kitchen, you can also gain the benefit of additional storage space, which will be incredibly handy for storing needed utensils or accessories. Don’t forget that you’ll need space nearby for things like filters, stirring spoons, tea bags, infusers, and of course, some of our top tea and coffee offerings.

Larger kitchens, however, may be more compatible with dedicating a couple of feet worth of counter space. The benefit to this is that you can incorporate existing cabinets, cupboards, and drawers for your storage needs. There is also the tendency for there to be power outlets and usually a sink within arm’s reach.

For those that can dedicate a small nook to a more visually-defined coffee station, there are additional design elements that can be used to increase the appeal of the space. In spaces like this, guests will be enthralled by kitschy, coffee-themed signage, and other decor, plus you can use the back wall for mug hooks and accessory storage. With a more robust budget, you can also have a small beverage cooler underneath with essentials like milk.

What You’ll Need


No matter what your coffee setup is at your Airbnb, there are some essentials that you’ll need to make sure you keep stocked and in working order. You’ll need a coffee maker of course, and while you don’t want to get something cheap you also don’t want something so complex as to overwhelm your guests with options or complexity. 

You should have at least two varieties of creamers, one dairy and one non-dairy, along with sugar and non-sugar sweetener. Be sure you add some of the best coffee and tea to your list or pull some from your personal supply to leave for your guests. With your coffee and tea, ensure that you offer caffeinated and decaffeinated versions of each.

Coffee cups and mugs are a given, so make sure you’ve got enough of those. Additionally, a small supply of to-go cups will encourage your guests to take their favorite beverages out to enjoy the local sights.

Don’t Forget To Have Non-Coffee Options Available


We often forget that not everyone is a member of the coffee tribe, so be sure that your coffee bar is inclusive to those that may be sensitive to caffeine in general or that just simply don’t care for coffee. This means making alternatives like green tea, matcha, or other loose tea varieties are on hand.  

This can increase the cost of setting up your coffee station slightly, but will also return a significant increase of appeal for your guests. With tea, you should try to have a small selection of tea bags for standard teas, but if you want to wow the tea-drinkers also throw in a few options of loose tea so that they can have a more diverse selection.

Leave Instructions


No matter how simple your coffee and tea-making equipment is, don’t count on anyone being able to use it right off the bat without instruction. This goes double for anyone giving guests access to more advanced brewing options like a french press or a cappuccino machine.

Take a little time and create some appealing and easy-to-follow instructions for each piece of equipment. If the operation is too complex to easily illustrate in a few steps on a single sheet, it’s probably too complex to expect renters to reliably and effectively use. Save yourself the trouble and find a more user-friendly alternative.

What Kind Of Coffee Should You Leave For Your Airbnb Guests?


There are a lot of options out there, and while we certainly can’t go over all of them right here, right now, we’re going to give you the pros and cons of some of the most popular options.

Pre-Ground Coffee

pre-ground coffee grounds


  • Quick & easy coffee option for guests
  • Eliminates the need for a grinder
  • Very consistent grind size


  • The water-to-coffee ratio can be challenging for some
  • As a host, keeping track of the coffee used by each rental can be difficult
  • Can create messes when spilled

Whole Bean Coffee



  • The best option for the freshest coffee
  • Offers the greatest potential for customized grinding and brewing
  • The most “professional” coffee experience


  • Requires a grinder, which is an expense
  • It takes longer, which can be seen as a hassle for some

Instant Coffee



  • The fastest option for coffee
  • Does not require a coffee maker
  • Very difficult to make incorrectly
  • Individual packets stay fresh for a long time


  • Sometimes the taste isn’t optimal

Providing Coffee For Your Airbnb Guests


While you can skip on the complimentary coffee for your guests, you will certainly be missing out on elevating their Airbnb experience. By providing great coffee and tea options, in ways that are easy and quick to use, your guests will have a more enjoyable experience that will reflect better on your rental listing.

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